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Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

Started by 100000592613447... on 02/28/2013 8:58pm

Hi y'all! I'm almost 3 years post op fusion of L5-S1 with rods and screws. I had a checkup with my PCP the other day with bloodwork and have discovered that I am severely deficient - My level is 16. I'm taking 50,000 iu a week but from what I read it sounds like it could take up to a year to get my level up. What danger does that pose to my fusion? I know it effects calcium but can this cause my fusion to fail? My entire lower back and other joints are so sore to the touch and I guess the deficiency is why. So here's the clencher...I've had a gastric bypass 16 years ago which makes it harder for me to absorb vitamins. Does anyone know if a vit d deficiency can mess up my fusion or if anyone has had a bypass and fusion and can share advice it would be great. Thanks

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