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fusion L-5,L-4,L-3,S-4 post surgery problems

Started by 520185278@facebook on 01/15/2013 7:21pm

I would like to start saying may Jehovah comfort all of us suffering from metal implants surgeries and related issues. I had my surgery in 2008, I felt so,so,so well right after surgery it was unbelievable, thruth was, I was fed up with a lot of medication,once it went away, pain and discomfort arose, now year 2013...I am having all sort of feelings and sensations starting from my lumbar zone to the end of my toes,I went to see a surgeon and had an MRI done, it showed some compress going back to my sciatic nerve due to the scar ,I started having problem with my bladder, some times I stand up and pee just flow down to my legs, it doesn't happen all the time but it has happen few times, sneezing cause me to pee on me, I have heard that is a serious alert that something is going wrong, does anyone knows exactly what that might be " wrong ". Besides that, I develop an issue that it will make me think twice if I could stay at home by my self and, what things I'd do around the house because I am having a combination of muscle spasm and cramps, that after been rush to ER( 4 times ) doctors confused my symptoms with some sort of seizure, it is a agonizing painful situation , if this happens to me being alone God knows whats going to happen to me, my husband needs to sit on my legs, and I could lift him like a feather weight, that is how strong this spasm are, is a none stop episode that varies in time lapses,is like being running like a bionic woman (Farah Fawcett style) only laying down on bed, add to that cramps, is a serious misconfiguration of my legs, my leg adopt the form of a number 7 were my foot turns to the left (shrinking) and my leg pulls up bending on my heels and knee all together at a same time, I wish I could describe it better! I need someone near me who understand how to assist me ,my activities in life are down to walk less than an hour with a cane, to seat and recline :( therapy was discontinued because I could not tolerate it ...does any one here have a clue what can help me soother my health problems besides pills and Doctor saying, saying and sayings! I am a possible candidate for another scar tissue remover surgery, which I don't think sooooo! ...thank you!...and supposedly I have Fibromyalgia too!

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Betsy, I'm so sorry to hear of your pain. I can't offer any advice. All I can do is say, you're not alone. You might feel like it, but your symptoms, although they're different from mine, the end result is the same.
Hold on Betsy, it sounds like it's gonna be a bumpy ride. Just keep on, if it means asking total strangers for advice or support, like most of us have, then you do it. Whatever it takes. Sometimes its just nice to talk to people who understand. God knows how often Ive needed to. A very big lesson there for me.
Keep posting, sometimes God plants you right where HE wants you. And like I said, sometimes all you can do is hang on...
Hope things ease up enough for you to have a restful night. Keep in touch.


Hi Betsy, Did you remember your seizure? If you did as I did it`s from your kidney. That`s the only kind of seizure you can remember.I would make sure you get your kidney`s checked. On me I had to stop taking one of my Meds. Due to my all the meds were on they really can screw our Kidneys. All the spine troubles we have can makes us lose control(peeing). SOMETIMES DOCTORS JUST DON`T CARE TO LOOK INTO OTHER THINGS THAT ARE REALLY WROUG. Check into a Spinal cord Stimutor. I have one It`s help me a lot with my pain level. Sam