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Sad due to pain

Started by blazer14 on 01/02/2013 7:26pm

I just turned 50 years old the other day. I have DDD.
I have been in pain from lumbar spinal problems over 7 years now.
I have had multiple surgeries including laminectomies and Fusions at L5/S1 and L4/S1. The last surgery was two years ago for a pars defect but I never fused according to the Xrays. I have been living on pain pills and trying to hide the pain from my Family but it is finally getting to the point where it is hard to keep doing everyday things like grocery shopping or housekeeping without holding my breath from the pain. I have been on Morphine and Percocet for over 5 years and neither help anymore. I have an excellent Neurosurgeon who suggests a revision fusion at L4 but I don't want to go thru anymore surgeries/recoveries. My son who is only 11 says he can see the pain in my eyes. I just wanted to know I wasn't alone and if anyone wants send me a response it woudl be appreciated. Happy New Year!

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Hello Blazer14. I would like to start and tell you that I truely understand your pain, frustation and emotional & physical rollercoaster. I myself have had 3 surgeries On my L5-S1 all within about a yr & a half. After I had my anterior/posterion spinal fusion my surgeon ordered me a bone growth stimualtor. He explained that it would help to promote stronger and faster bone growth. It really helped me. You should possibly talk yo your Dr about wether or not that maybe something that could help to be benifical for you since you've been post op for so long. Do you happen to have and use a TENS uniy it at home? This unit helps and if you have one or can get one use it with ice because the two together helps get a little bit of relief. Do you try to ice several times a day to calm your back, nerves, and everything else in your back that is causing all of your pain. I find ice to be extremely helpful. I got a coupke of ice packs from my PT office and they are wonderdul because they stay Cold anywhere from 30-45 minutes. They are called ColPack. This issue we are going through with our back is so extremely hard for our loved ones and friends to fully understand because they don't feel and deal with what we are going through. There are times I feel so frustrated and alone (my Husband is so wonderful & helpful). You are not alone in this I'm here with you, and will keep you and your family in my prayers. One piece of advice I can give you is try to focus on positive things, and also keep your mind occupied as much as possible with anything at all. Trust me I know this is easier said then done, but I'm working on doing this just to get myself through my day. Keep smiling and don't give up, and keep on being strong for yourself and your family. Wish I could give you more advice, but I'm still tring to deal and live with all this myself. I can give you support and suggestions of the things ai find to be helpful. Once again you are in my thought & prayers!


hello blazer I dont know how you feel but I can tell you what I have went thru and some ideas to help you control pain some It may help its helped me. I fell off a two story building and broke my back at the age of 19. last year I had all my lower lumbar fused together, at the age of 60. and they repaired my break while they were in there. I have some muscle issues and the way I understand it Guess I caused them by over stretching them. so If you are doing some lite house work do you bend to pick things up. You should get yourself a grabber. it will stop having to get down and thats a relief for me. also I take as hot as I can stand showers let it run over your ar eas that hurt. check out a ortho surgeon take care.