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Failed C-Spine Fusion.

Started by upanddown on 12/13/2012 8:53pm

How many others are out there with the same, or worse, pain post surgery as they had before? And would you have another surgery to fuse more levels to get out of pain? (I for one would dance naked in the city park under a full moon holding a metal rod a lightening storm, if I thought it would help. I guess "pain management" isn't managing my pain very well. But that's another topic.)
Just curious as to what other people have been told by their Dr.s, what options they have been given and what they have done so far and did it help....
Grasping at straws,

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I guess this isn't as prevalent as I thought. (Which is a good thing.) Maybe there's hope for me after all.


Janet, Im still wondering the same,,thanks for answering back at Sam for me,,I kind of told him off,,Mr.High and mighty, it if u go back a few pages youll see him asking if anyone got a dui for driving under medication, obviously he had an issue, and if u go back further he lists his meds that were a mile long,,,,,,eeewwww im so angry w his comment..TTY soon xo Rene

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I have worse pain after my 2-level C5-7 ACDF March 2011. C5-6 didn't fully fuse (but MRI shows it's "stable") and I'm in the middle of pain management and trying to find solutions to alleviate pain before neuro re-does the disc. He said there's no guarantee re-doing the disc will alleviate pain AND there's still a chance that won't fuse too...it's all a big roll of the dice. But at this point I've had 3 epidural injections and 2 rounds of facet joint injections. No help at all (actually gave me additional burning pain - as if I needed more). So now I'm going to try accupuncture. It can't possible be any worse than the horrible stuff they're injecting me with. My entire neck aches, like the muscles have been pulled out and plucked like a banjo. It took one week to ease that pain last time, this time it's worse. RX are barely helping.

I changed neurosurgeons also and I'm getting ready to take my xray and MRI to another for 2nd opinion. Here's why. I went to my new neurosurgeon with xray (that showed the failed fusion) and he says "you have a collapsed disc" WHOA! Wasn't expecting that. He flipped me out! Sends me for MRI and when that comes back he reviews it and says, it's not fully fused but it's stable. How do you go from "collapsed disc" to "not fused but stable" I swear these people just say things and have no clue how it affects us. We're in an emotional state already, suffering through chronic pain, so get your opinion straight before speaking. So I'm taking my MRI to another for 2nd opinion. And to top it off, my pain management doctor looked at my MRI and said that I'm completely fused on both. Hmmm, really? Because neuro said that I wasn't. She also said "get off those meds!" then "eh, it's okay, keep taking them" Wow the roller coaster and inconsistency. It's frustrating.

I'm not trying to doctor-shop but geez, just give me a consistent answer and I'll trust you a little more. So we'll see what another set of neuro/pain mgmt docs have to say. Even if they confirm the other set of docs, I don't appreciate the radically difference statements out of their mouths. I think that's horrible patient-care.


ACDF, Are we twins? I continue with tests, Dr.'s and more of the same. And all the time trying to keep my sanity.
Thank you for your post. I think we're both on the same page where Dr.'s are concerned. (Will the KNOWLEDGEABLE Dr. please stand up!)
I'm hangin' in there hoping help is coming...sooner rather than later.
This is a tough battle, I hate that I feel like it's me against myself sometimes. (Hope that made sense.)
Keep posting,