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Lower back pain

Started by 1494666272@facebook on 12/02/2012 10:46pm

I had a work inciden evert in 2008 that left me with back pain ever since. At times it is severe especially after working as a Nurse ever since it happened. I come home from work and sit down and that is it. I am stuck in the recliner and literally can not get up for 6=10 hours. I have done that for 4 years and now I have pain down my leg from the groin and my big toes gets numb. I can not walk right. I had to quit my job 2 weeks ago due to the pain and numbness. Now I have no money coming in while I wait for my Dr appoimtment. I pray that he writes a note saying for right now I can not work. After all who would hire me like this! Does anyone know what lumbar levels are involved here and does it sound like a surgical case to anyone??

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I had the same symptoms as u, had an mri which showed bulging discs, an anular tear of the disc st L5-S1 and multiple bulging discs with nerve impingement, i did one epidurak injection which only gave me about 2 weeksmof relief. Surgery was my only other option. The best advice would b to do ur homework. Find a great surgeon that answers all ur questions and concerns. I had 5 consultations before i found my surgeon and he isnwonderful. He also did my neck surgery (1yr after lumbar). My case is complex due to my old neck injury and the torn meniscus from last yr (havent had surgery yet but its inevitable). But again i would say Do Your Homework! As far as work, ck into unekploymenr and temp disability. I also would suggest that having a disability atty will save u aoot of time, energy, and heartache/disappointment.!! They know what and how to work with disability and ur drs. I hope this helps at least a little. Doodle217


I would definitely check into disability since this 2008 event at work basically was the start of it. You may need to hire an attorney. Try to find one that does not require money up-front. It is normal for the folks in power regarding disability cases to deny your disability claim at least once. That is where it's good to have a lawyer fighting for you.
Good Luck. I have back pain too. It is not fun and certainly is painful.