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Did you get your meds?

Started by upanddown on 11/27/2012 3:25pm

I'm going to see a new family Dr. on Thurs to see about changing my pain meds. ( I don't mess with surgeons anymore for meds.)
Share your experience here so we all know we're not alone.
Janet. :)

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I got my medddds, I got my medddss....but im not getting to excited,, the first visit always goes well, its the second that always goes sur,,so untill the next visit Im not gonna get my hopes up just yet,,But Im a happy camper right now...How come U dont go to PM? usually the primaries will only help U out for a month or two untill U find a PM DOC. Ive heard of neuro Mds writing scripts or orthopedists but they too wont do it long term,,they all want u to see PM,,but if it works out for U thats great...Rene :) Next blog......


I haven't needed to go to pm.
When I first got injured in 2005, the w/c Dr. told my to come back when I couldn't walk. I told my Fam. Doc what the w/c doc said and she prescribed me pain meds until I couldn't walk. When I went back to see the w/c dr. he did a discogram and I was scheduled for the 2 level lumbar fusion the following week. I have continued to see my fam. doc since then for everything from my thyroid meds to pain meds. Having said that, my old fam. doc. has moved into urgent care so I will be seeing someone new tomorrow...we'll see. I'm more than nervous, I had my old doc for 13 yrs. She was my kids doc even. I'll let you know how it goes.
Janet :)


Im nervous for u too Janet, ill b checkin in later to see how u made out,,my fingers r crossed for ya...what state do u live in,,me N dana where sayin how nice it would B if we can all meet up for a long weekend..would love to finally meet our fellow spinette sisters,,xo Rene:0