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Dr's and patients speak different languages.

Started by upanddown on 10/29/2012 2:18pm

At my six week post-op. check-up, I told the surgeon that the pain was managable but as soon as I do anything, laundry, vacuuming, dishes, ect. The pain becomes almost unbarable. He tells me to take it easy as it takes time, that the C,6-7 isn't fused yet and what I'm feeling is the bone graft moving. Then he asks me what I think about work! REALLY!!! Maybe I didn't explain myself well when I said, "as soon as I do ANYTHING."

Any advice on how to make myself understood when speaking with my Dr. would be appreciated.


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Janet,,,U really dont want me to aswer that do you? haha, after what ive been through for past 4 wks I can spit bullets. If you have the diagnosis of DDD,depression rheamatoid arthritis ,,etc u R eligable for disability,,google your states disability Blue book (thats what its called) It will list all diagnosis that would make U eligable for disability without an issue,,if thats the route you want to go.keep me informed,,,I think I told you I got accepted on first try,,it took approximatly 3mos,,I hired a disability lawyer,,I couldnt be bothered w all paperwork..it was well worth it. Personally I think the docs have NO ears or heart,,,would they treat their wives that way,,I bet not..stay well n keep making noise, :) :) Rene..


Hey Janet,,have you started your language lessons in Alien yet? lol I started mine,,called the insurance company,,had to fax letters to the appeals dept about ding dong who didnt write his notes well saying I was hospitalized for a surgery,, plus I added a few more incidents that he put me through which will stop him from getting paid,,,,,ancient chinese secret : he whom plays with fire gets burned...Hope I made you smile,,I said the silly,qucky Rene is back,,haha,You havnt posted how ur doin w that burning,,did u make that call yet,,always thinking of yall,,,,Rene:)


That's the way to do it! About time the patient taught the Dr. a lesson. He didn't care for his patient, he will care about not getting his $.
Janet. :)