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Hardware removal surgery

Started by momtoem on 10/19/2012 11:53am

My daughter (17) had L5 S1 fusion 2 years ago and is now having back pain again. Her doctor says in 10% of cases (especially thin people), the hardware needs to be removed. He says she is fully fused and has tried an injection to relieve the pain...it didn't do anything. I am trying to find information about the surgery - how long is the typical hospital stay and recovery period. She is a junior in high school and she doesn't want to miss too much school but cannot make it until the summer. Any information would be great. Thanks.

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I had my hardware removed in 2008 after a fusion which was done in 2002 , I am thin, and it did help reduce my pain a bit. Enough so I didn't proceed with an additional fusion of L3-L4. I had 4, 3 inch screws along with spacers and bolts. I was in the hospital overnight. I week later, I moved from CA to AZ. BIG mistake. I should have taken it easy for another week or so because I got a massive infection. If she can wait, I suggest summer so her incisions repair without complications.


Thanks for your response. She says she will do whatever it takes to get rid of the pain - and she said she would never go through fusion again (right after is was done 2 years ago) so I guess she is in enough pain to try the hardware removal. She has been having lots of headaches and hip pain - any connection? Doctor doesn't think the headaches are related. hmmmmm. I will make sure she is fully recovered before returning to school or activities.