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ACDF C5 & C6 surgery complications

Started by sunshine1 on 10/08/2012 8:57pm

I had ACDF surgery 5 weeks ago. I have the following problems. 2 screws are through my C6 vertabrea and into the disc between C6 & C7. an xray shows this as well as cervical lordosis. I get dizzy when standing walking ans sometimes sitting. I have severe pain in my neck, in between and above my shoulders I have pain down my left arm gets worse with certain motions. I cant move my neck forwards or back due to pain and it wont even when I try to I can barely move it left to right.. I have severe weakness in my arms I cant lift 2 plates and I have no gripping strength either. The surgeon who did the surgery said he didnt want to hear it Yes those were his words!!! My PCP said that she cant do anything since it's the surgeon who needs to fix this. Is the lordosis causing my symptoms or is it because of the screws that have went through my vertabrea into another disc? Can you please help me with this I am confined to my house over 90% of the time. I cant travel well due to pain and they refuse to give me meds I was given 2 weeks of meds when I was discharged from the hospital 5 weeks ago. The surgery was done due to central and foraminal stenosis, bulging ruptured disc. I cant sleep and with the trouble I have swallowing I dont eat everyday. I have gone 5 days with no sleep and no food just some liquids. What can I do how do I get this fixed and how do I know what problem is causing this issue? I am 31 and I want to be able to play with my kids again and be able to cook and have normal life back. Thank You

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Welcome to the group Walter,My C5-6 was done in Aug,4 screws a spacer,plate and fusionand I too have cervical lordosis.And yes the docs R very stingy w/pain meds that issue is all due to the FDA crackn down on them as U see on the news. Ur still in the healing process so give it some time.Can U atleast get muscle relaxers? We all complain of the same thing, they have no bedside manner. I can write a book on how ive been spoken to and mistreated,,and Im a nurse, so they really hate me, Im still trying to find that compassionate, caring Pain managemnt team. Dont give up hope,Ur not breaking any laws by having consults with a pain management Doc,,get a few B4 u stick w/one.They make U sign an agreement which states u will not receive or seek other pain meds from other doctors while under their care.Everything is computerized and its linked by ur drivers license so trust me they do a background check N its followed to see if ur receiving other meds from other doctors.If your caught U get Red flagged....Surgeons normally dont prescribe pain meds only upon discharge, then its up to U to find a Pain management doc to prescribe the pain meds and muscle relaxers,but again, they R reluctant to give u the correct form of pain managemnt..Back to what ur feeling and going through, u need to give it some time,what your complaining of is part of the healing,of course unless it goes on for many months or u feel as though something isnt right, then seek help. For the swallowing issue I found those chloroseptic numbing sprays to help. Hang in there ur gonna B able to play and cook soon,,Keep the faith and try to smile 4 ur kids,,,my daughters is what keeps me tryin to B possitive. Keep us posted how ur doin, everyone here is very helpful and ur not alone,we R all in the same boat so u came to the right place.. Rene :)


Rene is right thanks for the advice by the way Rene I have a cadabra bone and 4 screws in my C5-6 and an artificial disc in my C6-7 I went thru a lot of physical therapy before I felt better it was hard but I did it I thought I felt better went back to work for 4 years and started feeling funky again after about 2/12 years went back to the doc they did an injection but for me I don't think it worked I developed frozen shoulder that we,nt on for 2 years before they did anything it still Jang right they make me feel like I am faking all this but they seem to be finding things wrong Haha go figure I have been complaining of the back of my knee hurting for about the last year in a half they have done ultra sounds and found nothing but my pain management/med doc did an EMG on it and found a damaged nerve come to find out I have 3 herniated discs and a bulging disc in my back so see we are not faking of our pain we are not baby's we know our bodies I have been going thru this since 2007 the only pain meds they give me are Lyrica,Savella,Skellaxin,Topamax,and Tylenol#3 so if you get any thing stronger then that your very lucky, oh and I was just recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia so now they are blaming a lot of my pain on this wich is such a crock they have to point it some where else I guess not were it should be, good luck and hang in there give it some time a couple of months and then see like Rene said I will pray for you