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Posted in: Chronic pain, Spondylosis, and Surgery.

can someone please help me?

Started by sadgirl on 10/08/2012 6:36pm

IM a 48 year old female with chronic lower & upper back problems since a car accident. That happened. When i was 16years old. I had broyears ago i finally faced the 9hour major surgury:. Ni moremy femoral bone. And myanaged to avoid. Getting another. Major back duty. 10 years later i managed. 27 years. Four years, o had slipped, my l4 &l5. My lumbar. Since. Then my neck started. Bothering me. It grew thicker with a hump on my right side. Its really depressed me so i had my dr. Get me xrays. I found out i have osteoarthritis. My does any one know what happens next? I Want surgery and what ever it takes to have a nice slender neck again. I've been called chicken neck, turtle neck and.list all my friends because of the way i my neck. Looks. I stay isolated in the house because of it. My c5 & c6 look distorted. And deformed. Do i get an MRI next? I need to know the steps because all my doctors just want to keep me medicated all the time with narcotics. Someone please. Help me.

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