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This pain cant be normal!!How do you explain it!?!

Started by What kind of li... on 10/08/2012 4:26pm

Im totally lost!Im 46 years old and I feel like im 90!My problems started at 19 after an abusive chilhood i learned to pick "Those kind of men"By the age of 30 id been through every treatment known so I depended on my doctor to just keep me functioning.I did the epiderals the tinge units the pt you name it..nothing helped so he said to me 1 day Your not even a canidate for surgery it wont help with the arthritis and scar tissue you have.so he filled my persciption for vicotin 7.5 faithfully every month and it atleast got me through the day although I was still miserable,I still fell down because i could never depend on my leg or because the pain id get.I begged every time i had to make another trip to the er please someone tell me how to fix this!my doctors office informed me when i went in for my refill of vicotin that he had left the practice.I was totally lost.i went to the drs. that his office had suggested but he had followed me through all these years and he knew I wasnt a druggie.1 dr I went to looked at my mri and took my 196.00 payment to be reimbursed if ins oked it.and perscribed me ibuprofen.I watched a room full of kids 18 and above walk in and get percocet 30s no question asked.Needless to say i didnt go back and lo and behold they were all in jail when i called to get my records.Ok i work in a warehouse im miserable so i got the phonebook out found the very best spine and nureo surgeon in columbus i beeged the man please please just do something i was in tears and begging.from my mri he could tell me i had spinal stenosis buldging discs a couple herinated and severe bone spurs where the discs were buldging.on top of that they were pinching off my spinal cord and of course I had a large amount of scar tissue that he was sure wasnt helping my arthritis.We started with a fusion l4-l5 my ins. ran out they wouldnt talk to me after a year i finally got a slide fee dr.she sent me to another specialist by this time i cant tun my head and i couldnt work at allso after the fusion in my back didnt help i refused a lapindectomy.you know where they go in the front ant fuse with plate.they shaved from 3 to 7.It did help with numbness but now al these surgerys have made the arthritus so bad that i could care less if i wake up in the morning.I dont know what else to do here.This cant be normal but im tired of being treated like im a druggie!any advice

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