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Breast cancer has a pink Ribbon, Aids has a Red Ribbon, Autism has an insignia,,Wheres our public awareness of what we are living with? Tired of being told its in our heads and to go seek psychotherapy for Depression.

Started by rene on 10/05/2012 8:24pm

We wouldnt be depressed if we were able to get on with our lives and resume our careers. These doctors should experience ONE day in our shoes and maybe they would be more helpful. We are loosing our sanity , marriages, family and friends..If we have to live this way,,all I ask is to be comfortable and pain free,and if it means the use of medications then thats our decision. All other diseases are treated with medications,Why cant ours without the scroutiny from the doctors and prescribing the meds. Then why do they call themselves Pain Management Doctors if the wont manage our PAIN...

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I say our insignia should be a shoe. The one we all want the Dr.'s to wear!
Hope your weekend will be a good one Rene,


Rene when I first read, I said U were Funny. I get a lot of meds Rene then they don`t work after years.I`m still in pain all the time. If I didn`t go to Miami for the winter my marrige would be over. I wouldn`t stay with me if I was her. Hell I told her to leave I`d give her most of what we have. I struggle everyday to husban. Sam