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Doctor`s what do we do. All I say is this is my Scary story.

Started by Sam227 on 09/30/2012 4:46pm

Hi Guys, I had a fusion in a small town in upstate NY Syracuse. I fuse well my pain level 6 months after I was worse than before. I had all kinds of things done to me. I think I`m up to 3 surgeries to open my nerve canals so my legs and feet could have feeling.I`m on to many pain meds that don`t help my pain anymore. Now PM offers me SCS trial it works great. Pain mangement has a Doctor that puts the trail leads in but not the permanant. Now I they send me to the place that did my first Fusion. I meet another surgeon there he was looking at my MRI for 15 mins. He said my Doctor that work at the same place didn`t fix me he said I needed another Back surgery. He said I didn`t need the SCS. I just could beleave I walk in for something simple kind of than anothe surgery. I have a surgeon that has been working on me in NYC. I went to see him after and he told me if I had another back surgery like the guy in syracuse said I would have more pain than ever. This Doctor in NYC did a surgery on me in april without charging me my copay of 3,000$ on a 4,700$ surgery . So I trust what he tells me. I`m telling you all this you need to make sure you get second and third opinins.Doctors have many bills to pay and we trust them with our lives. Sam

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What are you going to do?


Janet, I have so much pain in my body had to trust the surgoen in NYC. This young doctor in Syracuse has bills to pay. Spine surgeries are so serious go to a different Cities get many opinins.I think in small towns all surgeons work togather. Just my opinon Rene might know more. Sam