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Had surgery in April, I might be going backwards

Started by dana_b on 09/23/2012 11:39am

Hello - this is my second post here. I was injured in August 2004 and after years of conservative pain management treatments I finally decided that enough was enough and had surgery. Both L4/L5 and L5/S1 were herniated so we opted for a L5/S1 fusion and a L4/L5 disc replacement - hopefully sparing L3. I've been doing well with PT (even though fighting with the insurance company has been a pain!) and pain management until literally last night. I finished the percocet last monday and my physiatrist started me on Lyrica and I'm also on gabapentin and tylenol. I can't have any anti inflammatories until the six month mark, according to the surgeon.

Well starting last night, the pain has intensified down my right leg. This morning it feels like pins and needles and my foot is cool. The pain in my back is also intensified and I really feel the disc/brackets when I walk around. The last time I saw the surgeon (mid August0, he said that the pro disc had shifted a little but he said that we'd "keep an eye on it". I know that I have to call him tomorrow first thing and I guess that I'm really just venting but I am worried now. I'm sure others have gone through something like this? Thanks.

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Hi Dana,my name is Rene,,The symtoms that ur stating sounds like its due to the discs pressing on nerves,,that whats causing pain. or....do u smoke? im a smoker,,If we smoke ( which I did ) after lumbar surgery if pain doesnt go away by 6 mos. The surgeon will label it Failed Back Syndrome. Im sure when u see ur surgeon n ur in that much pain they will repeat MRI to see whats goin on.Or Deffinetly REQUEST one. Someimes we have to make some noise cause the surgeons luv to say its part of the healing..Its your body and you feel as something is wrong speak up,,,Ive been finding they just dont understand, and listen to us.It all comes down to $. They push the injections ( they get 2500.00 an injection, or they will push for the spinal cord stimulator ( cost being 30,000.00) which they get a kick back from n they also get kickbacks on scribing new meds on the market. I kid u not ( im a nurse) I know what goes on behind the scenes...Keep us informed how ya doin,or if u have any medical reports u need help in deciphering,,can u tell me what ur last rreport said?Hope u had a good weekend,pain free......RENE :)


Hi Rene! Thanks for replying. First off, no, I don't smoke. Now I don't have a copy of the last report but the surgeon did take an x-ray and he noticed that the new dic had moved a little, as I said. Now that could be what is pinching on a nerve, I'm not sure. I think your suggestion of an MRI would be good. If this pain is still like this tomorrow I am going to call and see when I can get in to see him. Usually it takes a month or so at MINIMUM. Sigh.... I know that he won't use anti inflammatories yet and he said that he doesn't prescribe pain meds after three months out (I have to go to the physiatrist and he is little help now) so I don't know what else the surgeon could prescribe for me right now. Also he doesn't/has never done any injections on me, that is all from the physiatrist. I think all that I can expect from him right now are scans. Thanks again!