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pain clinics in indiana and first visit drug screens with weed in your system

Started by catlover_oreo on 06/25/2012 6:25pm

Hello everyone... So i got a call a week ago and got told the pain clinic wanted to see me in a week which was today. So i went to the pain clinic today and had to give a pee test for a drug screen. I had smoked weed a couple days before i got the phone call and they didn't give me time enough to get it out of my system. So my question is this was my first appt with them so will they kick me out because of the weed in my system cause i didn't sign the contract until today so it isn't like i have broken the pain clinic contract or anything. They are suppose to be putting me back on my pain medications too so is the weed going to make it to where they don't do that either even if they do keep me as a patient?? I just worried about it all .. I live in Indiana and have been to this pain clinic before for 8 yrs til i lost my insurance and now i got insurance again and my doctor had said something about sending me back but didn't say if they were going to or not then i get this phone call out of the blue about two days after my doctor mention it or else i would have never smoke the weed. Its just it helps with my pain.. please anyone that can help me with this i would be so thankful. I mean you think since it was my first visit that they would give me another pee test a little later and when it came back clean they would go ahead and give me my medications and just check my pee from here on out and tell me that if im not clean ever again then i would get kick out i so hope that is how this all plays out ... :(

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I had a similar situation when I went to my spine doctor. Before he wrote me any pain scripts I had to take a drug test. With that said I disclosed to them that I smoke marijuana from time to time and they were like it's ok. When the test came back I tested negative for thc. Did you disclose to them you smoke? Who knows you might test clean. I think it helps to be upfront with them so it does not look like you have anything to hide. I hope this helps somewhat.