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LArge herinated disc with Extruded fragment between C4 and C5

Started by harveymasons on 06/11/2012 12:59pm

Hi guys,

Wanted to say glad I found this place alot of info here.

As I said, I have a HErinated disc with an extruded fragment. I am in alot of pain and have verylimited use of my left arm/shoulder due to the nerve being compressed I believe.

My Ortho would not reccommend Physical Therapy for me and said he wouldn't use this approach. He suggested I go to a pain management Dr. which I have an appointment already and he said I should explore surgery options.

I was just wondering why Physical Therapy would not help? IS there any chance it would help? I am thinking with pain management I am not fixing or trying to fix the underlying issue (herinated disc) but just trying to control the pain? Is it b/c of the extruded fragment that Ptherapy won't help?

IF surgery is my only option to get well than I will go that route but just want to try everything else firsst beforoe going down that road.

BTW I am in NJ if anyone can reccommend a 2nd opinion Ortho or neurosurgeon It would be great. I have my MRI on a cd so I can bring it wherever I go.

Thx in advance for listening.


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