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From Aetna LOA to Workmans Comp

Started by Mom Of Five on 05/30/2012 12:48pm

Hi everyone,
I am a married mom of 5 who worked retail management for years. In Febuary 2011 my District Manager and I were moving a very large freight box in excess of 100lbs, she was on one end of the box, I on the other. She accidently dropped her end, and i had instant middle and lower pain back, went out on LOA for 12 weeks and after a Cap & Fun test was told I would never work anything but a desk job again. No lifting more than 3-5 lbs for the rest of my life. I am on Morphine for pain and have Kyphosis and Stenois, Arthritis but no herniated discs. I went on STD for 8 months, then they moved me to LTD. In Jan 2012 Aenta cut off my LTD because I had no health insurance to see a Dr to get an updated progress note, so I paid out of pocket and got one and filed and appeal. I also then filed for WC because I had not done so earlier due to fear of being fired and I have a large family to support, my husband is a DAV and cant work. So now because my Dr did not get back to them to explain further my restrictions that have already been noted as permanemt, the denied my appeal. So now I am starting to jump the WC hoops, evaluation is scheduled for tomorrow with a back specialist and neruologist, not sure what to expect but I would assume it similar to a Cap & Fun test that I already did to get my restrictions for Aetna. Chronic pain sucks and I would give anything to go back to work but the pain is unbearable. Anyone else had problems with Aetna or WC on these injuries? Thanks

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