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Lumbar fusion cause sciatica

Started by SF25 on 05/24/2012 6:23pm

There are some causes of sciatica listed, but I am wondering if my surgery (L2-L3 Direct lateral Interbody fusion and minimally invasive posterior fusion), was in some way the cause of the terrible lower back, hip and down the left leg pain since 3 days post surgery...? I actually need more pain meds for the leg pain than the surgery done 21/2 weeks ago. Has anyone experienced this? Or have any answers for me? Will it go away with time, as the doctor implied?

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I have had eight spinal surgeries and was feeling rough at 2 1/2 weeks post op each time. While you were fortunate enough to have minimally invassive surgery, you were opened up, worked on and hardware was installed. What condition (s) were corrected? How long had you been dealing with the chronic pain before you had the surgery? These all impact the recovery time. It's not unusual for the spine to get all aggravated from the surgery itself and the new hardware to be adjusted to. Perhaps it would be a good idea to start keeping a pain journal and take that in with you on your next appt. If things get unbearable, you run a fever or have incission drainage, call ASAP.