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post surgery head and neck pain[acif]

Started by surgnut on 05/13/2012 3:41pm

hi im 3 years post op for acif and plif also 18 mths post op for alif due to failed surgery first time round for the plif, i am suffering debilatating head and neck pain have been since the first surgery had ct scans on head xrays blood tests all clear they are now wrecking my lifei spend on average 3 to 4 days a week in bed in excruciating pain i cannot touch the back of my head or neck all the way to the top of my scalpim taking pregabalin ,tramadol and diazipam nothing helps i just zonk out on meds and try to sleep till it goes also i get bouts of vomiting and vertigo with itthe more i move my head the worse the vomiting is iv tried putting my brace back on but i cant stand it touching my head does anyone else have these problems after this surgery.also iv read a few of your posts and i havent driven in 3 years i cant turn my head or my back enough i also have bladder problem sand pain in my ribs and now have sciatica in both legs with numbness in my feet .the graft site is still really badi cant lie on that side the only comfortable position is almost vertical [i have reflux] 6 pillows a v pillow and a horshoe shaped neck cushion im in pain managment and going back to see my surgeon on 22 may .would i have the surgery again no, im now worried ill have to have the hardware taken out more surgery ,i was a pretty fit 53 year old now im a chronic disabled57 year old i seem to have most of the probs you all mention including dysphagia.i try not to let it rule my life but you cant plan ahead when you dont now whats going to hit you next . any one else suffering the same probs please tell me im not going nuts im worse now than before the ops. plif wasl456,alif the same,and acif was 456,also had the epidural shots twice gave me arrythmias im alergic to antiinflamatories. .thanks for listening

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What is the update on your situation?

If you are still having this type of head pain post-op, you might need to speak to a neurologist and be tested for Occipital Neuralgia. If you would like more information or to discuss this topic, please feel free to ask. I have quite a bit of experience care-giving for someone with this terrible head condition.


I feel your pain .I was in an accident where I ran over pot hole and it through me up into the cab of the truck compressing my cervical spine have battle debilitating headaches ever since along with arm and shoulder pain .Had surgery Dec 27 2012 had some relief from arm and neck pain ,But it didn't do anything for the headaches .I can't change my oil without paying for it with a headache it has totally changed my life .I can't plan ahead for not knowing when the next headache will occur .