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Posted in: Chronic pain.

Rise up against depression

Started by upanddown on 03/25/2012 12:08pm

Any tips would be welcome. Even if it's, "GET MAD NOT SAD!" I have found that help comes from the most unexpected places. It may be a kind word or a smile.
If asked the question, are those who are in pain depressed, or are those who are depressed in pain? The answer is YES! They go hand in hand. I know there are a lot of us out there. I for one hold out my hand in friendship to those who have found themselves in this unfair turmoil. If pain and frustration were objects, I'd wack 'em wit' me cain! (If I had one) :)
Keeping on keeping on,
Me. :)

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Am I the only one here that's fed up most of the time and pretending I'm o.k. the rest of the time? I really could use some advice, tips, even tricks to fool myself untill this is solved. I know I wont be 100%, that's not the problem, it's the waiting game...
I can accept the prognosis, it's the not knowing and the waiting that's hard.
Living in limbo,


Hi upanddown,
No,you are not the only one,sometimes i get so tired of the pain,lack of finances etc.etc.Honestly i put my trust in God,try to have an attitude of gratitude,and realize that there are ALWAYS others who are worse off than me.Not to say this is the cure all of all cure alls but when i get my focus off my own pain and problems and on to others it really seems to help.Prayer always seems to help too.Hope this helps a bit,and i will say a prayer for you.
Nurse Nancy


I know how you feel...I am having anxiety attacks...I cant do the things I used to,,My legs dont work right anymore..they dont do what i want them to do..!