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Medtronic Spine Stimulator Problems

Started by capnadolny1 on 01/30/2012 3:08am

Just had my stimulator put in on Dec. 21st and so far the pain relief is minimal. It seemed to be a lot stronger initially and I've had the settings adjusted a few times already. I am getting pain in other places that the stimulator can't reach and it is much more intense.. This is on top of problems with my battery not charging the whole way. It takes a long time to charge and only goes up to half way filled. Has anyone else had these problems?

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Hello josh
I have had one for over a year now and the only problem I have is that the leads have moved. But as for as the battery the only thing I can think of is you don't have it lined up right if that helps


I went looking and found this on the Medtronic SCS.


I know it has been a while since you have posted this comment but just wondering how you are doing now. I am having same problems ....plus other things. I hate I have ever got this stimulator put in. It's horrible.


I am thinking about getting a spinal chord stimulator. As far as surgery goes, right now it is the stimulator or a double fusion. I have tried almost everything else. Every anesthesiologist I have seen is pushing this Medtronic device. I am skeptical. I am a relatively thin guy and I can't imagine a large, pinching hot battery sticking out of my back or abdomen. Did you get ANY relief from the stimulator? I read that 43% of patients experience complications, whether an infection (6%), malfunction of the device(6%), electrode or lead problems (27%), cable issues (10%), or CSF leak(7%). The article below ultimately gives a positive review for the long-term use of SCS. But there are certainly problems as they try to perfect the technology and the procedure. I don't know whether I should go for it. Any advice? It the whole process just terrible and not worth it? i a in so much pain right now that i can't imagine the pain from the complications of a SCS. Thanks for your comments and be well! T

"Spinal Cord Stimulation for Patients with Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: A Systematic Review"


I had the St. Jude stimulator put in Dec 13th 2013. I have been unable to use it unless I sit completely still as nerves are apparently extremely sensitive and any slight movement feels like I stuck my finger in a light socket.. I have had constant discomfort with the controller which is in the back left side right at my waist line. I think the doc put it too low as it rubs on my belt. I also have one spot on the center of my spine that bulges out and is always irritated but doctor says it is scar tissue that will go away with time.. I went back to my Neurosurgeon as I have T11/12 fused and he recommended having it removed since I can't use it in a realistic manner. The other negative to a stimulator is having on going mid back pain and not being able to have an MRI done. The only other imaging test that will give my Neurosurgeon a clear picture of the soft tissue is a Myelogram which I have already had two of those in the past and the last one was not fun with a two day headache....


I've been in extreme pain for eleven years due to brachial plexus avulsion C8-T1 and spinal cord injury. A neurosurgeon in Hamilton told me I had a split in my spine as he was going over my mri. The shocks have been very extreme the last 6 months and I told my so called Pain Specialist I'm convinced the pain has increased due to a synovial cyst on my spine. He agrees and then tells me there is 5 cyst on my spine. I can't imagine why this Doctor did not make an appointment with a Surgeon to remove these cyst. I am in the process of asking my GP to refer me to a Orthopedic Surgeon who specialises on the Spine in Hamilton Ontario.Actually I came on here to mention that I was skeptical to have a SCS implant and after reading these comments I don't think I'll bother with a implant.


I am thinking about a spinal simulator but my problem is my ankle. I have had 5 surgeries and have had pain blocks but nothing has helped. I take pain meds daily. Has anyone had one for ankle pain and what are the pros and cons?


The spinal cord stimulator is simply another tool for a chronic pain patient to try...but only if one is unable to function due to extreme agony and peripheral neuropathy both arms,hands,legs,and feet for example.
I will not bother with my story....but to state that I was an athlete.....my wife and teenage son abandoned
yours truly and stole almost all of my life savings.
I am scheduled for the spinal cord stimulator however,I do not want to endure it.
I am alone with my dog but must pay a woman to walk him.
I am in hell.God Bless all of you and truly trust that your collective chronic pain dissipates.


I have just gotten my permanent stimulator. I am very restricted in my movements. As the restrictions go you much live with someone to enable you to cope. No reaching, bending twisting This involves a lot of activities. Great care must be taken to let the scare tissue form around the electrodes This is your part. You must try very hard to restrict your movements.
I started walking a week ago and started at 15 mins. I had pain but turned my stimulator up until it was gone and walked. I walked 30 mins. today. I don't think it is going to be easy it is a trade off for the pain. I am on a schedule to get off pain pills. I am in my second week and doing just fine.


Those things are just a way for a doctor to get away with not giving pain meds. What symptoms do you have? If you have any of these join my support group.
Join my support group Arachnoiditis We Can Fight This and we have information to share with you and help you. Also support!
Tingling, numbness, or weakness in the legs
Sensations that may feel like insects crawling on the skin or water trickling down the leg
Severe shooting pain that can be similar to an electric shock sensation
Muscle cramps, spasms and uncontrollable twitching
Bladder, bowel and sexual problems