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I need help to what I should do next

Started by lrobinson1974 on 01/23/2012 6:30pm

What if u have both DDD and facet joint degenerative disease. Ur spine has started fusion together on it on. U've have injections but can't ant more because it cause u to have a serious CFS Leak. Should you have surgery, you only 37 and in good health otherwise. No injury cause your spine to start hurting, just woke up unable to move end of May.. Done PT, medication since. C4/C5 n C6/C7 are bulging on cord but EMG shows no real nerve damage, but always in pain w/numbness. The pain starts in the neck and has moved to the mid-part of my back. I've had enough MRI's they all show my spine is messed up. A doctor told me my bone structure wasn't normal, but after my second EMG that he couldn't do anything for me b/c the test came back normal.. Even through he found my MRI's abnormal. I'm just tried of living in pain. My spine is starting to curve on its on according to my MRI findings. Medical records stated I have cervical spinal stenosis and spondylosis.

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Find another doctor,and don't give up,it is your body and you know your pain.
Best wishes,
Nurse Nancy


Oh boy, do I know your situation. I think that EMG/NCV is a rip off. Mine always shows either no issues or mild carpal tunnel, bilateral. But my surgeon (2 lumbar decompressions and 1 lumbar fusion) is a great guy and he says that my neck is messed up various degrees of degeneration and we are just going to wait and see because he said if he goes in he will fuse C3 through C7. I have had 2 surgeries for carpal tunnel bilateral and 1 ulnar nerve transpostion bilateral. I loose the sensation of my arms/hands not even numbness just they are not there, I drop things, I spill things. I have widespread OA-Entire spine, ankles, knees and now hands. This started at age 48 and now at 55 I am out of work, disabled. Chronic pain, always something hurts. Find a doctor who will listen to you, your symptoms not the testing results and when your quality of life is significantly affected your doctor needs to understand this and take action. I spent 4 years looking for someone who would help, finally my ankle specialist turned me onto a Rheumatologist who in turn sent me to a great pain management physician and he in turn treated and when treatment failed moved me along to a great surgeon. But it was a long painful process. Lots and lots of tears and sleepless nights until I found the right group of doctors who listened to me and placed more value on my symptoms and not the test results. The "clinical presentation" was most important to them.


I agree. Unless there is total paralysis, nerves are going to respond to an electrical stimulation. So what is the point if it can't show or not show stenosis? My Doctor is (supposedly I'm told by the Nurse at my last appointment) scheduling me for nerve conduction testing. I have been reading other peoples experience with this type of testing. They say it is painful (some to the point of tears) and resolves nothing. I plan on asking plenty of questions before he makes me a human pin-cushion! Honestly, sometimes I feel in between a lab rat and a cash cow! Anyways, I'm hoping he can pinpoint the exact areas of stenosis that are causing my sciatica, and Sharon you're right, wouldn't it be nice for Doctors to listen to their patients more than just basing their opinions solely on test results, none of which are ever totally accurate.


Boy I know your situation first hand. You really need new doctor. If the doctor places more value on the testing (EMG/NCV) results and not your reports of pain distribution he is not worth going to. Find someone else. I know it's a hard road but you will find someone it took me years. I finally found those doctors who placed more value on the clinical presentation of the patient not the test results. Especially those nerve studies. I think that they are garbage and Neurologists of course hold fast to those results otherwise they would not be in business. Let me tell you the doctor's hands are not tied by the results of those tests, he is using them to hide behind. He can order any type of treatments he wants regardless of those test results. You know they are just a piece of the picture not the total picture. Your presentation with pain, your MRI's all point in the direction of a very painful medical condition.
Where do you live? I live in NE Pennsylvania and if by chance you live near me I can send you,under separate cover, my listing of doctors who will help you. If you are out of my area just keep on looking for the right mix of doctors.
God bless and I hope you find a good physician.


I know exactly where you are coming from. I had a rough go of it. 10 years ago an absolute jerk of a neurologist denied my bilateral leg pain. Was not possible to have pain in both legs. I spent almost a year with this guy. Lucky to find a good group of people from my ankle guy, it's a weird trail. By the time I got to a real neurosurgeon I was rushed into surgery within the week after the appointment and MRI. It was too long and the damage is forever. I had 3 surgeries in 4 years. Its been 6 years and I am in so much pain now. Another level is bad and we are trying pain management. He is a good doctor and will send me back to the surgeon after the 2nd set if it does not work.
You need a new doctor. The EMG and NCV can be misleading. I also suffer from arthritis in my neck, at every level there is something wrong. My neurosurgeon did look at my neck 3 years ago but we discussed the risk of surgery and we decided to wait. My pain management doc did botox injection into the para spinal muscles and this has lasted several years. The muscle mis-alignment from the arthritis causes many problems. You really need a new team of doctors. The NCV and EMG tests are only a small part of your diagnosis and if you are still suffering and they don't help you it is time to go elsewhere. Injections do not cause CSF leaks, improper needle technique causes CSF leaks. I know believe me. My hands are so bad I drop things like hot tea if I don't keep my eye on my hand. I loose the sensation that the arm and hand are there. It just goes away no tingle no nothing just no sensation of the arm or hand(s). Please see another doctor who looks at the clinical presentation and not just the test results. We are all different in our sensations of pain and out physique. Our bones are not all the same nor out muscles so run to someone else. But be very, very cautious. Surgery mishap on your neck can render you completely unable move. The lower spine, well that would not necessarily render you unable to move, your neck? problem.