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Best Pillow To Use?

Started by RobinCT135 on 01/12/2012 4:19pm

I strained my neck and back (using the vacumn and scrubbing the kitchen floor too much!). All of a sudden, the pillow that I've used for a year or two is very uncomfortable, and I'm having a hard time getting to sleep, and waking up with tension in my neck and upper back. I know it's time to buy a new, supportive pillow. (The type I currently have is a memory foam type, but it doesn't have any cut out area in the middle to cradle my neck. I usually sleep on my back and sometimes on my side. Any good recommendations for a new pillow that will help? Thanks!

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Hello Robin, I had a similar problem and found comfort when I used 2 pillows one thicker and the other thinner.I just keep the thinner pillow slanting down toward the neck which also helps neck get support.Try this one! happy sleeping! bye. And yes use pillow stuffed with cotton because the foam pillow worsens neck pain,you try.


Robin, I have chronic cluster headaches herniaed disc in neck bought i don't know how many pillows to threw them away. Finally decided to give in and order the MYPILLOW that is on tv or can order on line to MY PILLOW.com they kept cool don't get hot best pillow i ever bought . Was well worth the money was wasting alot buying pillows. Take a look at there product on the internet. Sure hope this helped you.


Hi Robin.

I share your concern over sleeping with the right pillow especially these memory foam types which now seem popular.
I have not got on with the memory foam.
Why not try pillows with differing levels of firmness, starting perhaps with a medium level then working softer then firmer. Do keep the packaging as this will guide to your next purchase if any.
Take care and sleep tight.