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Disscusted from pain managment doctor

Started by feed up on 05/19/2011 3:07pm

I would like to know if anyone besides me get's the run around from doctor's
had a back injury two years ago injured lumbar & cervical areas
did what was asked of & still hurt now the past
six months it's increased with new syptoms. go to the doctor
she said she won't treat me for it reffered me to pain managmen
what a joke took six months of a journel in to show her what is
going on she didn't bother to look at it told her that PT made the lumbar
worse I just want to know what is going on & why Im in constant pain
so she has me going to PT for lumbar & crevical then she says she
won't give me any pain meds but made me take a drug test. I
told her im not here for meds just want to know what is going on
because im worse off now than when the problem started
told her I would like to have a day that I feel normal in the back
that im tired of going from doctor to doctor & not haveing answers
just keep getting the run around. I have insurance the copays
are not cheap my employer is getting fed up when I miss work
because I'm unable to bend or lift on bad days. Please can anyone
offer me some advice here

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Have you tried chiropractic? My chiro has helped me immensely with both areas. Also, acupuncture and yoga. I teach yoga and have had many participants tell me they are now pain-free after practicing for just a short time. It is an amazing boost to health and wellness. Doctors actually made things worse for me. If I were you I'd try some more natural healing methods.


Hi feed up,
Question,there is no mention of any diagnostic tests done to pinpoint a problem.Any Mri's ,x-rays?This would help to determine what route to try next.I started with all the chiro,massage,exercise ,PT.,injections,heat ,cold,etc.....all these things are great to stick with if you get some lasting relief,but if there is a REAL underlying problem it may need to be dealt with because you could end up with permanent nerve damage.I had surgery on my L5-S1 disk 3 mos ago and so glad i did.I feel so much better already.
Nurse Nancy.