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C6/C7 Cervical Spine Fusion Recovery

Started by Ritav on 05/08/2011 5:54pm


I am new to this forum. I had surgery performed on c6/c7 a herinated disc pressing that was into my spinal cord last tuesday. I am actually feeling OK or better than I expected I would. I am walking here and there and able to climb stairs as well. Five days out I am feeling pain in my neck, shoulders, some headaches here and there along with some tingling in legs and feet which seem normal to me with surgery. Today is actually the first day that I feel kind of crappy.

My question is the recovery process. Can anyone tell me what to expect with the recovery process. How much should I be doing? I looking for, advice, experiences, helpful tips, etc. Overall any information would be helpful. I am a very active person and I know that it is going to take some time to get back into some normal ways of life/excerise but just curious.

Thanks in advance any information would be helpful as I am just not sure what to fully expect.


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Hi, I had surgery performed on C4-C7 on 05/25. I have had hardly any pain at all and It's been almost two weeks now. The 1st few days I had no numbness or tingling but did have acheness on my upperback and my shoulders. It feels as though they put into a vice. Then about the 4th day out I had periodic numbeness that was off and on, stiffiness in the neck and the acheness and shoulder soreness. After about a week things started to improve. I dont have much acheness, the shoulders still feel sore some but improving, the nect has some stiffiness and a bit of pain but is not lasting as long. Today is the 11th day and I have a bit more stiffiness and soreness but nothing like after the 1st day of surgery. I was told that you can have periodic tingling, numbenss and pain for months which is normal. Ten days after the surgery I was exercising on a station area bike 1hr and 30min wearing a neckbrace. I was told after 6 weeks you can start light to modertae excericise.

There are some days that I feel crappier but that can be expected. After all they went into the spine to repair damage, think of all the nerves, tissue, etc they had to move around and go through to do the repairs. Hope this helps. John


Best is to check with your doctor ands let him know the symptoms. Each procedue is different and dr's use different things for the surgeries. Mine is slow going, but depends on age, too.