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Posted in: Chronic pain.

Freezing leg pain

Started by Red on 04/11/2011 10:05pm

Anyone out there with freezing leg pain. I have been cut on eight times. Three neck surgeries and five low back. I have a plate in my neck and a wire as well as bone fusions. I have rods in my back and bone fusions there also. The pain is not there much when I am moving around. It is worse when I am in my chair or the bed. I have had the cirulation test and that is fine. If I take enough pain meds it's under controll but then I itch. So I have a choice, freezing legs and feet all the way to my crotch or itch like a dog in the woods that if he gets one more flea he wins the lottery. I have been dealing with this for over thirty years and I don't know of anybody that has this pain. The Doctors just turn there heads to the side and say you mean burning and i say no! Then they give me more pain meds and that is the end of it.

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I'm sure the docs told you that sensation such as freezing stems from spinal column damage, or damage in the spinal nerves can cause this feeling. I read about it here:http://www.northwestspineclinic.com/resources/common-conditions/#c-21
I doubt you have that condition though. Seems to me like one of your doctors would have caught that by now.
Are you allergic to all your pain medication? I'm not a doctor by any means, but it seems like if you're allergic then you could take an antihistamine for the symptoms. Did you ever ask your doctors that? Or what if you took the medication along with a warm bath? I know when people get poison ivy they recommend very hot showers to knock the itch off.

I really don't know if I have helped you. I hate to hear that you are in so much pain.

Take care,



Thank you Grace for your input! I am allergeic to the pain meds so I can't take enough to really help all I want. The antihistamines do help but they make me so tired. The doctors have mentioned the spine causing the freezing. It probaly is that but if they don't know they just pull something out of a hat that sounds good. It took years for them to come up with that.