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continuing pain after spinal fusion and laminectomy

Started by TK on 04/10/2011 3:20pm

I had a fusion and laminectomy 8 months ago. I had fairly severe spinal stenosis for 2 - 3 years, could only walk 3/4 mile before my foot drop stopped me. The foot drop is better, almost gone. Now I have persistant spasms in my left butt and the weakness in my leg just doesn't seem to improve much. I can walk one mile but that is it, can't get any farther. Is there any hope of improvement from here ore is this as good as it gets?

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So sorry that you are still experiencing so much pain. I have some obvious questions, but just looking for more information.

Have you talked to your doctor recently? If so, what did he/she say?
Did you complete all prescribed Physical Therapy? Do you have any session left that you can continue with? If PT didn't go well, try a new one or see if there is anyone in your area offering aqua therapy...
Have you had a second/Third opinion, to have another doctor review your surgical notes with current X-rays, MRI to see if something went wrong or isn't healing properly?

I have not had my laminectomy or fusion yet, but it is in my future. I have had 11 surgeries in the past though, and the most important thing I ever did after surgery was to complete all PT, and if still inpain, would ask for a new script for more as well as get other opinions. I hope you start to feel better soon!!!! Take care of your self.


Hey there,

I can certainly relate to what you are going through, I was diagnoised DDD in 2006 and had surgery 1/2007 . They replaced my L4 disk & did a spinal fusion with the L4 &L5 disk, saying that the L5 disk was next to go. Unfortunatly, I lost my medicaid when my 16yr old daughter got pregnant & the dr knew that. I have had problems ever since,. I cant lift my left leg or bend to paint my toes. :(
I am awaiting on disability & in SC unless you have children under 18 you dont quailify. I tried a couple of chiros, but they ssay they cant help me. I need a surgeon & mri. They did take xrays and saw that the L5 disk has gone & im having stenosis now. Plus my left hip, same hip i have been having problems with , is 1/2 " higher than my right hip & is extremely inflamed. With no insurance, I have to wait to be claimed disabled. MY dr wrote a script for a handicap sticker, which is a big step. Saying that i cannot walk more than 100 ft. God bless him. My primary doc who i self pay
is very understanding,,,, and is going to try to keep me out of pain as much as possible til I can get
approved & get medicare. Honey, stay tough & call your dr,.,,, thats what he is there for.
I hope you have an understanding dr, my disability lawyer has the same problems with his back ....L4 & L5, no surgery yet, so he understands what i am going through! hOPING that will help in my case,.,,,Good luck , & you are in my prayers laurie ps i am sooo glad I found this site ! it sure helps to be able to talk to people who can understand the pain ect .