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14 fusions 38 years ago

Started by cindakat on 03/29/2011 7:24pm

Hi...I was diagnosed with Scoliosis, after a severe appendicitis attack in 1973. A couple of months later, I had my S curve (46. 48 degrees) somewhat corrected by a fourteen level fusion and a long Harrington rod. About 7 years later, I had a failed fusion and more surgery, removing the old H rod and inserting two smaller ones, blah, blah, blah...etc. I have had multiple surgeries, including threenhip replacements. I am only 54. I can't turn my head fully to either side, and con only sleep on my sides.... Now, in addtion to the othen I er previous sources of chronic pain, my arms go numb when I sleep, and I can't get comfortable. I wake up with arm pain, leg pain, and neck pain. I feel like the only person in the world with all these problems! On top of all that I have Systemic Lupus. I am trying to find some resource that can advise me on special beds, and special excercise, possibly some kind of specially designed yoga.

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Hi, WoW! I have no answers for you because Iam not in your postion, but I felt the urge to reach out to you. You struggle every day yet you move forward.You must be a very strong person and should be proud of yourself! And I also have problems but nothing like you have to endure. I pray someone has some answers for you! Thank You for sharing your story.


you are not the only feels like that I can't sleep only naps notable to fall asleep . to rem had study just done ane 3-4hours nap. cervicel c5,c6,c7 fused in front with plate had a broken screws bpoke 1 the 4th night thouught it wouldbe ok it broke in half so half was in bone . but 1yr later the next one broke these were on top c5, so a surgery to fix 18 mounths later , than 6 mounths later had to go in ths back of neck add rods an 8 screws to lock it in . In Oct. my grandson about to hit house comeing stright at me on a 80 dirt bike small motercycle . i had to hit stop switch are he would have gotten really hurt bad. soi landed 16 feet away on cncreat drive way it s me not him . any way now its c2-c3 they wont do surgery up to c2 , this has been on going total back PAIN ALL MY LIFE i was 21 years old L4 laminectory,I an 47 years old i am starting the process to do morephine pump . i own a jewelry store have been a jeweler and watch maker for 36 years my dad was a watchmaker. i cant't do it any longer than a few hours a day my store has been open for 12 years in july. so all i do is try to rest and work and that is all i do . !!!!!