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Desperate for help janiceohio hoping to talk to you

Started by mipphm on 03/29/2011 12:55pm

Hello, Im new. I was reading some of the posts on here and I was hoping I could send a direct email to janiceohio because I think she may have info that could help me. Im a single mom, currently bedridden and not getting any help from doctors. Infact they are the reason Im in the position Im in now. Too long of a story to post here, just looking for some advice. I guess I should elaborate, I had a failed neck fusion surgery, it failed because the PT put me in traction after the surgery and pulled apart my fusion. By the time I figured out what happened the statue of limitations had passed. Then I came down with fibromylagia and have since lost my vehicle and my job and have filed for disability. I am on state funded health insurance now and Im dealing with doctors at a clinic that I dont think are competent enough to treat a common cold. Trying to manuver around this messed up healthcare system and I believe I need a patient advocate. Im trying to find a way to continue to function so I can take care of my child, I have no family support and there is only so much you can ask from a friend. My back has turned dark purple from constant use of a heating pad, I was without insurance for a year and I think that is when I did the most damage. My pain is a 12 most days, getting worse each day. Im so lost, I dont even know what to do. There is more to the story that I dont want to post here, but I really need to figure out what to do. Any help is appreciated

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Yipes. So sorry to hear about your pain and problems ... One thought - why are you using heat? I believe heating raw nerves or damaged ones makes the swelling and the pain ten times worse. I am no expert on this. Good luck