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Scar Tissue on L5-S1

Started by lisap7 on 02/17/2011 3:24pm

I had a 4 level fusion done 9-09...here I am going on 18 months later. I have constant pain-try to keep it below a 4 with morphine sulfate 3x a day with Norco 10/325 for break thru pain. I have tried PT with deep tissue massage and I COULD NOT tolerate the pain from the nerves being touched. Does anyone have any ideas of anything else to try? My pain doc wants to try a spinal cord stimulator-anyone ever try this and did it work?

Thanks for the input

PS I know that ya'all aren't MD's and I shouldn't take this as medical advice.

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I have had the same thing and have tried everything. The stimulator test is next to see if it will work but I don't it will because I have a TENS unit that does not help. I may try the pain pump next. I had a spinal fusion L5-S1. Still have terrible pain and haven't been able to work since 2008. I hope it will work for you and you can become pain free!!! Good luck!


lisa -
a spinal cord stimulator is a very long shot / expensive . if you don't have good insurance that will pay /
check 1st . - or you will feel the pain ! no better results more than likely . i am on same type meds as you ... that taken 3 x daily on 24 hour cycle , keep pain level to a # 4 level *at best . i've been told that none will make the pain entirely go away . on days that meds aren't helping so well , i go walk in the pool / then sit in hot tub spa for 15 minutes ... and it seems to help for awhile . dont overdue it to walk / half hour is good to try . build up to going to pool 2-3 times a week if you can . "good luck" .


Dear lisa -

look up - *FSM therapy - on your internet . its some kind of Micro-Currant . I researched it for myself , and as an alternative therapy , there might be something to it for you as well ? it may be worth looking into . good luck .