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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Herniated disc.

Para spinal fluid collection

Started by Brnigurl78 on 02/03/2011 6:22am

I recently had my 10th back lumbar surgery to revise hardware. I developed a large posterior paraspinal fluid collection extending from top of L3 to the bottom of S1. Measuring from 13cm in length 7cm in transverse dimension by up to 2.6 cm in thickness. Multiple septations are present throughout the fluid collection which demonstrates mild peripheral enhancement. Diffuse soft tissue edema and enhancement is present in the paraspinous space extending from sacrum to L2 -3 level.
What are the chances I will develop another one of these? I have had seromas before that went away on their own but never this severe. what are things I can look for to know before they get to big if one were to develop. Luckily my dr knows that I know what I am talking about . I looked at the films before I left the radiology department. I followed dr's orders to start " rest " and I get this. After 10 back surgeries to rebuild L2 to S1.

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