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cervical spondylolisthesis from car accident?

Started by homenet on 01/25/2011 9:06pm

Is it possible that spondylolisthesis could be a result of my car accident? I have been through so much in the past year since the accident Feb 2010. Three MRIs, 5 epidural injections, many treatments (chiro, pool, PT, accupuncture), 2 CTs, Xr;ays, and a recent endoscopic discectomy T9-10. We are going to look into the cervical pain next. what can be done? Anyone with this problem. I read that cervical spondylolisthesis is rare and can occur from trauma.

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you can find your answer on : Causes of Spondylolisthesis


From my research, spondylolisthesis usally occurs in the lumbar region. I guess one learns something new everyday lol. My understanding of this condition (not sure about cervical) is that about 7% of the US population are born with a predisposition to a weakened spine...usually in or around l5/s1 or l5/l4. Activities like gymnastics or football btwn the ages of 5-13 can cause pars defects and fractures to occur. Which can result in the varying degrees of spondylolisthesis. Our family's spondylolisthesis is apparently hereditary as me and my eldest son have a grade 2-3 in the same region...l5/s1. I have yet to test my younger two kids as they are unsymptommatic. I have no idea if cervical spondylolisthesis is trauma based. I wish u the very best as pain and neurological deficits are not fun to live with!! *hugs*