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Degenerative discs

Started by Catey G on 01/25/2011 8:56am

I had a discectomy in 1999 and after a lot of confusion regarding my improvement i.e. the consultant told me I wouldn't drive again, work or, walk properly & if I couldn't accept it he would refer me to a pscychologist I made a miraculous recovery and my life returned to normal until, about a year ago.
I have been suffering lower back & leg pain and eventually I was referred to a consultant who referred me for an MRI scan. The scan showed my bottom three discs have degenerated (and bones). The consultant said that a fusion is not possible, as my back has degenerated past surgery. As there are too many risks for three discs.
I have been referred to the pain clinic for facet joint injections & I am on 400mg of lyrica, 150mg Arthrotec & 8 paracetemol/day - this is with a view to reviewing and managing my pain.
I'm pretty dismayed that this is me for the rest of my life - I lead a very full life with a fulltime job & family.
Help anyone any advice?

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