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Skin reaction to Fentanyl Patch!

Started by rn2006 on 01/24/2011 7:02pm

Have been prescribed 75mcg Fentanyl Patch. No problem with it not sticking but when I remove the patch my skin is red, inflamed, and tender. Redness remains for a few days after patch is removed. I am a nurse and was thinking of maybe using a prepared skin prep and letting it dry well before applying the new patch. Any ideas or advice?

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Stop using them, I had the same reaction; I thought great just use a patch, not meds to take. WRONG! I think I had the generic brand. They gave me a small patch once in the hospital, except it stayed on.
Anyway I had a horrible reaction to the patches; and my body was not absorbing them correctly; I got really out of it and then I went into severe withdrawal. My doctor wanted to know why I didn't let him know what was going on, I thought I wasn't trying hard enough. I had switched from a high dose of other pain meds. I am with a different pain management, I feel well monitored and I am on a lot less medication even though That is just my opnion. They made my skin very red, sore and it really hurt to take them off. The pharamcy told me many people have this problem with the Fentanyl patches - maybe depends on the brand they are. I don't know.


I have been on the patch for about a year now and have had irritation with itching under the patch about the whole time. I do change locations every time and have found for me the upper arm works the best. I do use alcohol to clean the area (allowing plenty of drying time) before apply the new patch. I have found the brand with the small 1" x 2" patch works much better than the others I've tried. There is no liquid in these, more like a thick piece of tape. One thing I have noticed about the Fentanyl patch is they seem to leave me without pain relief before it's time to change patches again.
Hope this helps in some way, Uncle Terry