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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Pain management.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Started by scootershooter on 01/18/2011 5:13pm

I have had 5 discs in my neck fused with 2 rods.2 years ago. Since then I have suffered through nerve blocks and drugs that did not work. During the first surgery C-5 - C7 I had 18cm of nerve damage. My pain management Dr. now has me set up for Spinal Cord Stimulation the 27th of the month, not in my back but in the back of my head. Has anyone heard of this? Everything I have found speaks of doing this in the lower back but there is no reference to using this proceedure in the head and neck area. Any words of encouragement?

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Hi, Im getting ready to get the Spine cord stimulator for my back on the 31 of Jan. My friend had it put in her neck, it work just like the back SCS does. The only problem she have, is she get a lot of electrical jolts. the same as most people have said about the scs in there back. You can research it at medtron.com or google it at spinal cord stimulator for the neck! I hope mine work I'm in constant pain and my discs in my neck or messed up to, but he has not told me if it will cover my neck. Good Luck and just research it you will be okay. If it dont work they will remove it..


They are doing this more for the pains in my head caused by nerve damage in my neck. I am beginning to think that i am about to become a newby in this proceedure because I can't find anything about this process for head pain. Nerve blocks don't work , neither do pain meds. So I guess that any relief will be better than what I am experiencing now.


About 2 years ago I had the trial portion of the stimulater implanted in my lower back. Because it's so expensive, my insurance company required I undergo the week long trial procedure prior to authorizing surgery for the permanent implant. After 2 days I returned to get the settings adjusted because all the stimulator seemed to do was make my right leg shake. At the end of the weeks trial, there was absolutely no change in the level of pain and no relief. I asked both the factory rep and the doctor what percentage of people have a positive experience. Only 50 %. Maybe the stimulator works best for specific conditions such as sciatica. Do some research; get a second opinion from a neurologist or orthopedic surgeon specializing in spines. Check out the web site for UCLA Medical Center. They are one of the best in the country for innovative spine technology. There are other places like Houston but I don't have specific website information.