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Started by fallen on 12/16/2010 9:45pm

Hi . I suffered a bad fall on a jobsite. I broke my right collar bone,left shoulder,completely crushed my right wrist,fractured both knees,black eyes and head trauma.. All on Aug. 24th of this year.. I'm doing great but they say I damaged my c6 and c7. I have a pinched nerve due to it. I've had carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand. The numbness is still there. Today I had a spinal injection. I'm feeling some relief tonight. Does anyone know how long this will last? If I end up having a fusion,,, what can I expect.. I'm 44

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Alli can say is find a surgeon that care mor efor his patient than his pocket book. i had C4 through C6 fusion done.
I still have the pain that went with it. I also had closing off of the cervical canal.of which was causing me major head aches. i still have those. i had my surgery in April2010. some has changed and is fine but the headaches and the shoulder and neck pain conitue. I also since having the surgery had lower back pain and i have to sit down for awhile to get over it. i take a medication for patients that have seizures and thats all i take . I refuse to do pain management because they give you meds that keep you from functioning. or at least thats what i have seen from the people i know that use pain management. it helps with the headaches most the time but alot of the time it doesnt do a thing for me. I have lost my job, lost any kind of income and i am currently fighting to get disability. when i lost my job i filled for unemployment. i was refused. stating i had to go back to the company that has fired me. to show them i am completly discharged from docotrs care. now im suppose to go back to the emplyer that fired me because they cant let me work with resrictions. lol I know i can not be the only personout here that has this problem. but for gods sake fight it i am. I dont know if i can pay my house payment my car payment norutilities. the man in my life is walkingout, because he wanted a relationship that both parties are working and he doesnt want a liability. hows that for life? not only am i depressed buti am lost in a sea of paper work. make sure you have all your ducks in a row. or you could end up like me


Hi Vickie,
I am so sorry for all your heartache and pain,i am in a stinkin work comp case ,got injured in June 2009,still waiting for the surgery doc has ordered.I have had to fight for every bit of my care.Don't give up on social security disability,it takes a few times to appeal but eventually it will come through.Is that what you applied for?I too hate taking the meds,but i take a very small amount just to stay on top of the pain.My doctor says those meds for nerve pain ie...Lyrica really mess with your brain so i have opted to not take them.Hang in there ,i will say a prayer for you.
P.S.any guy that would walk out on you for that reason probably is not worth it,i am sure you deserve better.
Nancy nurse


Hi fallen,
Just wondering if you have had to battle with work comp too?A freakin nightmare it is.Anyhow i am a nurse,have done a lot of research as well have talked with doctors,there is generally a higher success rate with neck surgery than back surgery,have heard of more than one.I had the neck injection too ,first one lasted three weeks,second one only 1 week,i won't be doing that again.Hated the side affects of the steroids.I am possibly facing neck surgery too if we can ever get my back done first,after a year and a half of progressively worsening of my low back now facing a one level fusion on myL5-S1,i also had a pretty bad fall at work.Do your research and be sure you trust your treating physician and go with that.