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Surgery for Spinal stenosis, c6 & c7 vertebra with some kind of (nur or mur) ostophyles.

Started by KLynn on 12/07/2010 2:07pm

I was diagnoised with this as being the cause of my constant Pain and numbness, along with the entense radiating pain that shoots through my arms and causes them to go dead. This happens most all the time when I tilt my head back and if I reach over my head with my head tilted back it makes my legs go dead also.
For two years I've told my Doctor and got realy no responce other than it was most likely arthoritis and my age. Finally I get them to do X-rays and an MRI leading to these results. Makes me wonder. Now I've been referred to a Nuro-surgeon because the test show that I have not only this "Spinal Stenosis" but also have bone fragments that are pushing into my nerves along the vertebra that are showing up herniated and have told me it was most likely caused by an accident that I had had a year and a half ago.
Has anyone else had this kind of surgery??? I'm not fond of surgery and I don't know what alternitives there may be for me, other than live with the pain and take a chance on perminant damage to my nerves and spine.

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I had a C1-C2 neck fusion surgery in 1994. As I expected I experienced a domino affect and now have had every cervical vertabrae affected with spurs, stenosis, you name it! What concerns me about your article. I am 47. Was in a terrible car accident at 17. Another accident in 1993. Throughout all of those years, no doctor had ever taken an open mouth x-ray. I was having mild shoulder pain, a long time user of Chiropractic I stopped to see the doc. He legally could not allow me to leave his office. The opened mouth x-ray discovered alittle over 5 mm of instability at C1-C2. taken to hospital, doctors wanted to immediately fuse, didn't understand how I was not dieing in pain with this amount of instability. Deciding to wait, a Univ. Of PA doctor watched for a year. gradsually went to 6mm and he suggested the fusion. BUT, what took me to that appt when he discovered that the instability hd grown to 6mm was the symptoms you describe. Just turning my head sent numbness and tingling down my entire body! Now, C6-C7 play a crucial part in your extremeties, so I don't want to scare you, but with the kind of symtoms you are having I would first see a good neurosurgeon. Dont hesitate to seek out a few opinions, symtoms allowing. If it is discovered that you have an instability you may require stabilization, like I had with titanium pins. This surgery has come a long way and most of the time does not require a halo etc. Don't wait until you have serious arthritis or you may force the need for a halo. If no instability is found than there are so many possible causes. I have been researching for 20 years. If it is a nerve root problem, a Rhizotomy, the burning of the root endings is becoming popular, I know several people who have had great success and have heard no bad reports. I could go on for days about treatments. FIRST, you need to rule out the instability. I feel for you I am dealing with c6-c7 problems now. Arm, shoulder and hand pain, numbness, tingling, dropping things. Yours sounds more serious. Check out Rhizotomy. Painless, the cure for pinched and troubled nerves causing pain and problems. Get that instability problem checked out first!!! God Bless. Rebecca



P.S. I had literally hundreds of x-rays after my second accident. No physician ever suggested an open mouth x-ray. Only by the wisom of a Chiropractor was it discovered that I was literally walking around with such a severe injury. This may not apply at c6-c7 but I know what you are experiencing is serious and don't let your neck get to a point where you have multiple problems and need multiple surgeries. Just the fact that you already have spurs gives me some indication that the injury has been there for a while. Other options:
North American Spine-new techniques to surgery
and again the Rhizotomy. My dad is 74, just had one to his back, is pain free. Walked into the hospital, local anethesia out in a half hour. I cant wait to get the procedure to my neck!

Again, Good Luck and God Bless


Hi. I have similar complaints, mine when looking down mostly, but from sometimes looking sideways. I get apulling down my left arm, also tingling and the "dead arm" feeling. I've found it more comfortable when I have the dead arm to just tuck my hand in my waistband of my jeans. I'm not sure why, but it isn't as uncomfortable then. I'm sure it looks rather hilarious, but it feels better. ت

Im 42. I was hit by a car on a moped at 14 and injured quite badly, a few car crashes through the years..After years of neck and back pain, a new muscle disease leading to many more falls., my neurosurgeon says I need referral for surgery on c5, c6 GM& c7. I always says my head feels too heavy for my neck to hold support. MRI tonight before surgeon will schedule with me.
My question is, who would I ask for an open mouth xray, and do you think I should?


hello I didn't get the surgery done but im pretty much in the same boat.in feb I woke up in the morning with really bad pains in my neck and in the middle of my back,also have very bad headaches,and tingling in my fingers and thumb and shoulder,also other things that are happening that I don't understand.i was involved in car accident 7 years ago and was hurt pretty badly.and last sept I was working and I got hit on the side of the ribs with a pinch bar,which hit me very violently.so I seen the surgeon on may 7 of 2013 and told him my story,first thing out of his mouth was its not because of the bar.i did not understand what he was saying to me,he told me I needed surgery for the bad discs but says he doesn't think I should get the surgery,im not sure what to do.there are other issues involved also.indication,degenerative disease.mri results.c4-c5 mild diffuse disc osteophyte complex bulge.mild to moderate bilateral neuroforaminal stenosis is seen,no spinal canal stenosis is visualized.c5-c6 moderate diffuse disc osteophyte complex bulge.it causes mild spinal canal stenosis.spinal canal measures 8.6 mm anteroposterior.bilateral neural foramina show moderate to severe stenosismore on the left.c6-c7 mild to moderate diffuse disc bulge and left paracentral broad based disc protrusion measuring 11mm mediolaterally.it exers mild masss effect on the left anterior aspect of the spinal cord.no neuroforaminal stenosis is seen.