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degenerative dis disease... even both of my thumbs have been rebuilt

Started by epurcell on 10/25/2010 10:54pm

ok... first thumb job done in my 30's I am 51 now. My other thumb was done. (without man made parts done 6 years ago... the doctor said he had only done the surgery he did on me on one other person and she was in her 70's) that was number 2 thumb job. I cant open cans or cut my own meat. My neck was so bad my c4, c5, and c6 couldnt be fused they had to put a titaniam metal metal plate to hold all of them together. I have been diganosed with a rare unexplained mutated gene degenerative disc disease and told all I can do is go to a pain management clinic. My daughter had the same prob. and is only 19. The docs just say I am sorry. And because of the rules of insurance make the docs go thru the process... first they do blood work, which tells them nothing and give you pills which constipate you, then they send you to rehab, which makes it worse (DU) everytime you move your joints you are degenerating them... then the steroid injections then surgery... oh and massage therapists and chiroprators cant touch you without a note from the doc...
you need to change your web site because degeration disc disease effects all of your joints... fingers, hands, knees, back, neck and all of my spine. And because I dont have insurance I am just waiting for joint by joint to degenerate.

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