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L5-s1 bulgling and tear R nerveS1 L5nerve root/DDD also

Started by Chuck on 10/19/2010 5:39pm

I couldn't find a pain doctor to give me meds and so my family doctor does it. I tried back shots(failed) physical therapy,I can't do. I can't lift , stand or walk much with spasms and PAIN.
I kept winding up on the floor locked up going in a out of the ER rooms. Had mri, doctor started ultram, muscle relaxer.etc Still, back to the ER. pain meds increased from strong to elite. Went to pain doctor for shots. No effect at all. after 7 months later surgeon told me to live with it. No life, can't
work. reclining chair only no bed or I can't get up. and if I lock up go to er. That's what he said to live with. Back to family doctor. Increases pain med big time to get some relief.4 months later I find a really good surgeon but he wants me to be completely off meds before he will take me. I tell my family doctor about this and he tries to send me back to a pain doctor. none of them will take me because my family doc has been giving me meds for 11 months now. I called him today to call me back 3 times to tell him, he has to ween me off under his care but he does not return call today.
Without meds or some meds I will be back in ER. How do I get down to no meds first just to get to be a new patient of the really good surgeon I found? I suffer with meds and now no surgeon will take me if im on meds. If I didn't need meds I wouldn't need surgery. MY family doc has a attitude now and it's not my fault. how do I get down to no meds and suffer just to get surgeon to take me.
It feels like a catch 22. Any suggestions?

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Chuck What kind of pain meds are you on? I went to three different surgeons presurgery. This is what I was on 2 OxyContin 60s, six oxycodone's 15s, 2 mobic and 6 muscle relaxers daily still in massive pain. Two of the three surgeons would of done surgery on me. The one that would not was so old he was incompetent as far as I was concerned. I wouldn`t have him operate on my dog. He wanted me to lose 60 pounds before surgery said I needed the lumber back fusion also. He wanted me to wait another year. It sounds like you need to find a surgeon that will take you. Some surgeons really suck. The third surgeon I seen was the best one of all three also said I needed a lumbar fusion. I didn't go with him because I had my surgery scheduled with another doctor. I have cervical problems I'm going to see him for that Tuesday 26 October. All surgeons will not be the same. Take your pain meds and go to one that will take you. I was told by the surgeon I liked( I'm addicted to pain meds). He also said I will need three surgeries before I can be off my med's. Said I will have to go to a rehab center to be completely off them. That's fine with me I'd love to be pain-free. Good luck Sam
PS you're funny I read your post (failed back surgeries are the percentages right). On that now is a group of friends just talking about our lives. URWelcome to join in. None of us are too happy about our surgeries. Just beware of that


Sam, thx for responding. 20meth x3 ,30val x3 3 dalaud x3 1000 nueratin x3 and roboxin which i
I don't take. oxcy was next, but..... he thinks this is fine for now. crazy.too much. I take much less however I'm in massive pain. their telling you to lose weight. their telling me(the surgeons) to be off all meds first. (impossible) back shots failed. I'm not doing again. Currently, I live in a recliner.
As you were responding, I was at the library getting more books and dvds.I could only stand 20 min.
before back started to lock up and so I couldn't go to the store for a few things.(I never was a couch potatoe but I have no choice. I called doctor to ask/tell him one thing I was told from talking to other
doctors(that they won't take me after being under his care all this time). He won't take my call now. I have to make a appointment because he's mad now and would now rather get paid to here that.
I don't have many choices with my insurance and so it's difficult. The Surgeon who is one of the best
will take my insurance(which they don't accept) thru a friend, But...... I have to come in completely off everything.......To make a long story short(like I have places to go.lol) I have called my friend who knows him to ask him why and how be completely off meds first because his staff has nothing to do with this. Except his nurse who is aware now and told me I have to be off everything. I told my doctor last week this good news about finding a surgeon who will take me but as I said to be off all meds. I asked my doctor this is what we got to do and know he wants to pass me off to another pain person to wean off. So after calling over 35 pain docs, they all said to me what I said earlier. He manage my pain now finish it. I tried to call him yesterday because he would always take a simple call to tell him this so we can get strarted but, Oh. But I have to make appointment now. more waiting. Thats when I found this site yesterday . A place to get some support,suggestings, and vent.lol thx again


P.s SAM I had to read your post again. yes the first surgeon told me to live like I'm living because surgery wouldn't benefit me. The second Was Completely a non-human (you know) And now the third who did see my MRI's said I see what needs to be done, no problem, However must be drug free. I want To be drug free but I have weaned off some over the weeks and now the pain is OMG.
This feels like someone saying walk with no water in 115 degree weather for 100 miles with no water and when you get here, I will give you all the water you need.(IT's impossible) I have to be on something even if it's back to vic and val and relaxers and thats like a aspirin.lol BYE


I am not a medical doctor nurse or anything. Remember I'm just a person with back/spine problems. Postsurgery still in pain. I'm sure they want to do a fusion on you. Wouldn`t I have another fusion done on me it would have to be life or death. The first three days after a lumbar fusion if it goes well is massive massive pain. At least for me it was, for some people they walk out of hospital feeling better. You will get somebody soon that works for a laser surgery center lying and saying how fast they got better. Unless you're super rich don't get conned by one of the centers who just steal your money. Why are you on methadone? Did you ever do illegal drugs were you ever positive for anything illegal? Valium that shouldn't have anything to do with a doctor excepting you or not. Unless you're super depressed? Dilaudid is just an instant morphine. Myself I took six day plus 200 mg of time release morphine twice a day(it didn't help me at all still massive pain).Neurontin is a nerve relaxer/muscle relaxer (I think )not that bad it was for pain. I was on something similar Gabapentin. It didn't help me at all. Roboxin is a muscle relaxer I'm on one and it helps me sleep really good . Methadone is the one I can't understand why you're on that If you go to a pain management Center you a lot better pain meds. Again you might have to search for a good pain management doctor. You have to do every single thing they say or they will not treat you. I know what you said in your first posting. This is my advice if you go to any doctor and you are in PAIN like I am. Do Every Thing They Say to Do. I didn't think the nerve blocks helped me and all but they did. With spine trouble it gets worse as the year goes along you think things aren`t helping but they really are. You're welcome to complain to uson the site THAT`S what were here for. We all were in the same boat together. It really sucks my friend. I don`t think there`s away out of the life of PAIN. Let me know what`s up Sam.


Just thought I'd reach out, since I'm also struggling with back issues. I was given Neurontin years ago for another injury. It's a seizure type medication that acts on checmicals in the brain. I was on a pediatric and saw a colorful, moving light show when I closed my eyes. My boys said I was on a "legal" acid to try and make me laugh. It wasn't funny at the time. My neurologist told me to stop it immediately. As for Methodone, I had the opposite reaction and it was like someone gave me speed. We're all different as far as how we respond to different medications. Work Comp is jacking me around now, and they withheld all meds and I ended up in the ER. Not my favorite place to go since that's where I worked and I'm humiliated seeing people that I worked with in the condition I'm in. My heart goes out to all of us. I've been in recovery for 16 years, take the meds as prescribed and hate every minute of it. A spinal cord stimulator has been recommended, but I posted in another discussion what I'm going through following a fall after surgery. Life isn't always fun, but I'm sure glad I found this site since I feel so alone. Obviously, I'm not. Thanks for the feedback on my posts too. Dottie