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Posted in: Chronic pain.

What to do?

Started by cris on 10/14/2010 12:28pm

I am new to this site and am currently contemplating what to do about my neck pain. I have suffered from it for almost a year now with throbbing in my lower skull, tingling in my upper back and arms. Tried the chiropractor and it seemed to soothe the pain temporarily, however in the past few weeks it has gotten progressively worse. My go-to remedy was always a heat pad and ICY-HOT, but I recenlty swithced to ice packs. I can't remember a day without pain......thinking about going to see an orthopoedic surgeon.
Any advice?

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I guess what I really want to know is at what point should I go see a doctor? Not a chiropractor.....
I'm sick of the pain and just need some advice. After researching some sites, I think I may have a herniated disc, but I'm not sure.


i think its a good move to see the ortho surgeon. it may be something you will have to be careful with. when something goes wrong in your neck it can affect whole body. the surgeon will at least give you an accurate diagnosis.
if its pressure on a nerve it could be disc, bone spur, vertebrae out of align, or arthritis. dr will most likely do mri and xray.....good luck....pete


Thank you for the advice. I really appreciate it!


hi cris-

this is common. have you talked to your doctor about this? neck is your cervical spine. could be a pinched nerve, but there are a lot of possibilities. i wouldn't recommend surgery unless you've exhausted all other possibilities and alternatives. here are some sites that may give you some helpful info. i'd look at the professional medical websites like mayo clinic, etc. a helpful tool for you and the doctors/professionals would be a log to track your neck pain:

(Include start time/end time)
Type of Pain
(dull, aching, hot, throbbing)
How painful?
(Rate the pain:

Possible Causes
(Did something trigger the pain?)
(What did you take? Did it help?)

maybe some helpful info here for you:

good luck to you. please keep us posted, and don't just jump into anything. your spine is nothing to mess with.


Thank you. My father had a disc removed a few years ago that was crushed due to detioration and I have scheduled an appointment for this coming week with his surgeon. The pain has subsided a bit, but I am still having alot of headaches, lumbar and neck pain. The tingling and such is not as bad as it was last week, but I find that it hurts the most when I am sitting upright.

I really do appreciate your responses and I will keep you posted as to what the doc says.


I am new to this site too and completely understand the days with pain. I used to have alot of problems with headaches and upper back pain that radiated down my arms. I found out a lot of my trouble came from all the problems I had with TMJ ( a jaw disorder) Once I had several surgeries on my jaw it seemed to really help, then last year I got really sick with a staff infection and since Feb last year I have had a laminectomy and hardware put in last Dec. I totally trust my surgeon at Barnes-Jewish hospital in St. Louis. I would really suggest that you at least try an orthopedic surgeon. If nothing else they would be able to give you some other alternitives. Good luck and keep everyone updated,


Hello Chris,
I just read a post from someone else and I do agree only choose surgery as a last choice and only after you have exhausted all other avenues. I didn't have much choice in the second surgery because my neck was curving so much so fast that without placing the hardware to try and straighten my neck and upper back I would have probably be totally paralyzed by now. I thought that the pain levels would have majorly decreased but not the case. I don't regret my choice because of the circumstances and the fact that I have an 11 year old girl that needs her mother not to give up. But it may help and give you more options and more information about your problems and then you can make the most informed choice. Don't be afraid to check out all opportunities and choices.
Good Luck,


Thank you, all. Only two more days until my appt and I am getting a little bit anxious. It sounds like, from what you all are telling me, I am headed in the right direction. I started having these problems after playing volleyball about 7 years ago. They did an MRI and suggested PT but couldn't tell me what exactly was wrong. I didn't go to PT and it eventually stopped causing me problems until two years ago. My stint with the chiropractor started this past January and I gave up in May and I think it's about time I get it taken care of. Obviously there is something wrong and I want to figure out what it is. I will definitely let you all know what the Ortho surgeon says and I truly appreciate all your feedback. It's nice to know that I am not the only one with issues.



cris, and everyone. I also started a new conversation 10-19-10 about my problem.If you cris get any information to help me please respond to chuck. If I find some info about yours I will respond to you as well. I'm new here too. Were all we got for support(at least me) I am tired of living on a reclining
chair taking meds. 11 months now. thx


So, it's been almost a year since my last post. Still in the same boat. Neck pain is bad. I went to a chiropractor for a good 6 months, last visit was New Year's eve and had not alot of pain for a long time, it as manageable. Now, it is bad again. The ortho surgeon I visited last October suggested an MRI and I think I will be scheduling that soon. My upper back is so tense and my skull hurts. The pain varies from day to day. Today I want to cry the pain away.....