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Lost and Confused

Started by marlarose on 09/17/2010 7:25pm

I am 26 and have had three surgeries on my back i have had herniated discs n they have gone in and shaved the disc down to where its not pinching the nerve...well i recently was told that i need to have a fusion done. i was just curious to if that was my only option. i am scared on reading stories on the recovery of different people. I was told about the artificial disc replacement...has anyone one had one of those and if so whats the risk on those? i go to see the general surgon in a couple weeks. I am confused and scared on all of this. i cant afford to take off that much time from work i dont know what to do. i am in a lot of pain and have numbness down my left leg. by the end of the day i am done...i go to 'relax' and i hurt bad.

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