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Cervical Pain, abnormal discs, but no pain generated during discography???

Started by Yani77 on 09/04/2010 11:22am

I have pain on my neck with tension headaches that comes a goes. I can feel great one day and next day I'm in so much pain that I can't put my head or neck on the pillow. In order to be pain free I must have a very sedentary life. As soon I star working out or i have a busy day the pain comes back. I'm a very active person who likes to go to the gym and exercise. During the past few months I have change completly my lifestyle in order to avoid pain. I had an a head and cervical MRI on 2009 that shows C5-C6 with a small buge and ropture of annular tear. The doctors said It wasn't big enough to cause pain but, they send me to physical therapy, epidural injections oral medication such a Prednisone, muscle relaxers and pain killers. Everything looks like is working until I tried to go back to my normal routine. Of Course trying to be more careful. Since the problem persisted the doctor sent another test called a discogram or discography. The discograpy shows the same information about C5-C6 but also shows that C6-C7 is abnormal it demostrate full ticknes of annular tear. The dye leaks from that center along a radial tear. I had NO pain during the procedure. The doctors said that even when the discs were abnormal they are not the cause of my pain. I know there is something wrong. I just want to know what is the cause of this horrible pain episodes. I will like to know if taking Prednisone 5 days before a discogram and Flexeril plus naproxen 2 days before can alter the final results of the test. Please help me to undestand what is happening to me. I don't want to be on pain killers or more medication.

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