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Post ACDF frustration

Started by LVAsleep on 08/14/2010 3:28pm

I had C6-7 ACDF 12/06. Immediate relieve in mechanical problems with hands but waited too long and never got rid of pain and spasms. Anyway lots of trouble swallowing 1 year post - My NS did CT scan in office told me I was fused and we could take the plate out. OK relief of swallowing problems. 6 months ago developed numbness tingling and electrical shock feeling in both hands whenever I take a deep breath or exercise.

New NS looked at MRI - I can't see any signs of fusion - you may not be stable. WTF how can that be? another CT and flexion and extension x-ray which revealed no problems. Found a wisp of fusion on CT. Is it enough I say. I don't know never had anyone with plate removed. WHATTTTTTTT

Next specialist - you are definitely not fused but don't worry til symptoms get worse WHATTTTTTTT
Oh do exercise 3 times a week he says.

Next specialist - says I'm in transition to adjacent discs starting to cause problems. Maybe fused but don't worry. WHATTTTTTT

I give up - not working - taking care of my body pain etc full time job. Do you need to be fused or not??

Also why did he remove the plate if not obviously fused

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Wow, that sounds like a nightmare! I live in Montreal now and the health care system is so scary here and I had issues like that years ago when I first started having shoulder and back problems, with comments like, Dont worry, you're young, this will fix itself! Idiots! A year later I was in a Boston hospital and they gave me two separate procedures and Ive been better since, not totally 100 percent, but i can hold a cup and I can lift a window open!

I think your last sentence is good, why did they remove the plate if it wasn't fused? That may be why you are getting soapy responses from other MDs, especially if they know the person who did the procedure, or work with him/her. They may not want to tell you that he/she did a messed up job. BUT, you may have a court case...In any way, sometimes it may just be a good idea to go to a totally different clinic. If you have a health care policy, tell them what happened, and ask for another specialist. Sometimes going to an adjacent city works well, too, just in case you are encountering medical professionals with small testicles who can't or won't tell you if the doctor who fused you did a good job or not.

I feel bad for you, because I live through the same sort of nightmares and sometimes I used to cry about it, imagine that, a grown man of 50 crying because of some lunatic doctor's idiotic treatment or lack thereof. Now, for the most part, I just laugh, because that's all we really can do, and move ahead, hoping that we will meet a doctor with a heart and a brain in their skull! :)