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Cronic pain after spinal fusion

Started by Serut on 08/02/2010 3:05pm

Greetings all, trying to find a bit of direction on which way to go with my pain. I had my first fusion in '97 from c4-c7. That fusion took hold well and hasn't been the cause of much pain since, up until recently. I had my second fusion in '08 from s1-l4 and started having more pain from the start. 10 months later, I was having my 3rd fusion to repair the 2nd. The fusion did not take and the screws started pulling out. They continued the fusion to l3. Since that time, the x-rays and mri's haven't shown any problems healing but the pain has steadily grown worse.
Before the first lumbar surgery, most the pain was located in the lower back and was more a ripping, stabbing type pain. There was some discomfort in the legs, more of an aching fealing.
After the surgery, the ripping pain was reduced a bit but was joined with new pains on the top and bottom of the fusion, with the pain in the legs getting much worse. In both cases, PT was tried and stoped due to increased pain. After the second time, the insurance company ceased the PT and sent me to a pain management doc. He has had me on a few different types of meds: amitriptyline, lyrica and the latest is neurontin. Within 3 months, I have reached the max doseage. It seems now, my options are quite limited. steroid shots and a spinal stimulator......
I'm wondering if anyone has any other options. Thanks in advance for your input.

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Hi Iam charlin Joseph from India. Iam suffering from ankylosing spondolyssis a disease also starts as fusion to the spine and later other joints. I tried lot many alopathy medicines. Since for these arthritis disease related to spine and joints they have no medicine yet to cure this fatal disease.

I was in pain for 1 year hardly walk or stand even. However, My life changed after taking Homeopathic medicine and got out from this fusion and inflammation in 8 months time.

kindly test these treatment with even no side effects and strong medicine.