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Duragesic Patch

Started by Tired on 07/22/2010 1:03pm

The patch is causing me to sweat (excuse my word) I mean SWEAT I have to go home at lunch and change my cloths and then I change again when I get home from work. I have tried to reach my pain doctor to get an appt. to change medicine, but I have to leave a message with the nurse than when she calls me back it is always on my lunch and then I wait another two days and go through this again.

I have lost so much of my needed minerals to go on that I am so tired I can hardly move. I can't take the patch off and do without because i have been on 75 every TWO days for a long time, I have always sweated some with them but not like this and it is worsing by the day. Does anyone have any suggestions. I have even asked my family doctor to call her but he gets the same response.

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I also wear the patch and do a lot of sweating. I wish I had an answer for you and me. I never thought about losing minerals. If your doctor had any suggestions, please let me know. I have asked my family doctor, but he had nothing to tell me. I love the patch for pain relief, no pills to take and constant medication so no ups or downs. But the sweating DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!!


i have flector patches for lower back and extremities. then i have lidoderm patches for neck and shoulders. the lidoderm has been working great on my neck and shoulder, but you can only wear them for 12 out of 24 hours.