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Meds and pain management after 11 yrs...

Started by Jwinck on 07/22/2010 9:33am

After 11 yrs of my chronic pain I have tried about everything. Instead of addiction ( needing more) that is just your body building tolerance. Would LOVE a cure but also realize that if they do find a cure I will be going to a rehab facility to detox. Never try on your own because of siezures ect.
One of my pian specialists said when this all started that I needed to realize that there is a difference between addiction and necessity for quality of life. One thing is that I do get migraines and am allergic to the meds...have to explain in Er that I am not a drug seeker...i have plenty of narcotics at home but am on a contract that I take very seriously and this is the option that I am required to make. I even take my meds inso they see that if I just wanted to get "stoned" it would not be a problem. The problem os those people that do abuse the system. I also keep a copy of my contract which states that I am to go to ER for certain things. Protect yourself and protect your Drs. But keep up the fight. There is no reason to live in pain and try and learn as much as you can about your treatments. It helps if you keep track of what u have tried and when. What the results were. Why you discontinued the treatment, ect.
My new Dr gave me a pain journal to keep...I had a notebook that I use daily for pain levels,ext bit this ome is good and is well put together.
You can download it onlinewww.painfoundation.com
I gave also found a site calledwww.patientslikeme.com
If u have a diagnosis u can sign up and talk to others with similar problems wether it's MS or fibromialgia or tons of other things. You can set it up for your docs to check your status or just keep track of your progress on it too. I find it helpful. You can also keep track of pt, biofeedback and other alternative treatments you have tried and when and what results. It's helps for easy lookback so you don't have to dig through papers that your trying to keep track of.
Maybe some of this will help. After a few yrs you realize that it gets hard to keep track of...
Good luck.

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is there a cure? u were not specfic on what causes ur pain. it sounds like u need someone to talk to (professtionaly)


It would be nice to have an actual diagnosis...seen all kinds of drs...even went to mayo clinic for full workup but since went when direst started having problems we think that whatever I have hadn't gotten bad enough to diagnose. I het a new symptom or two every couple of months so I a, going back after this next set of mris and stuff.


Thanks for that info on the pain journals it is extremely hard to keep track. I get extremely severe migraines as well and did not tolerate migraine meds so my Neurologist tried me on Botox. It's been a godsend, I receive injections in the muscles of my brow, eyes, forehead, side and back of the head near the neck every 3-6 months, better than any pill (for me anyway). It is a recognized treatment for migraines, expensive though if you don't have insurance

How Botox® Is Currently Being Used To Treat Migraine Disease

Following this serendipitous discovery by the University Of California, San Francisco professor Glogau and other researchers began to evaluate injection points and dosages that could alleviate Migraines. Glogau's results indicate that botulinum toxin A injected into (a point that earlier investigators have neglected) induce sometimes immediate Migraine relief and provide benefit for up to six months, he said. Botox® dosage in his case studies averaged 80 units per patient.

Allergan, the makers of Botox, are seeking approval for the treatment of chronic daily headache (CDH). Sufferers of CDH experience migraines or intense headaches for 16 + days each month and therapies available are inadequate.

Hope this helps.


Ooh many I will do the bottom thing again tommorrow at my neuros. Haven't done it in about a yr. That crunching sound...lol


SHOOT! 24 or 25 years!My thing was I was tired of drs.acting like I was a pill head.I told them Ididnt want to be addicted to pills and all the years Ive been on them my body got so immune nothing helped.I opted for surgery so far its helped the horrible pain when I walk but now the arthritis in the buldging discs in my neck is causing headaches and god forbid me to lift my head.The oxicotin has my feet 3 times there normal size and my ankles and knees are throbbing so i took myself off.my surgeon is convinced im cured and I dont know what to do


I know this thread is quite old, but I just read about the last users swollen feet issue. I've been on Oxycontin and Oxycodone for many years, as well as Ibuprofen 800mg. A year ago my feet, legs and ankles swole tremendously to where I couldn't even wear socks comfortably, let alone shoes. I'd elevate my legs and took more Ibuprofen thinking it will reduce the inflammation. Well, it turned out after years of taking Ibuprofen, I'd suddenly became allergic to it. Sad part is, it took me 6 months to realize what was causing it. I've also noticed as I age, and I'm only 30, that I'm beginning to become allergic to things I never was before, and even my skin and hair have become extremely sensitive. I am allergic to almost every foundation even, and this just began last year.


Hi, Bec--we know this thread is many years old, but we thought your post contained some very helpful information for our Community visitors who may come across it later on. We appreciate how you stressed the importance of staying educated and engaged in your health.

If you haven't already checked it out, you may be interested in visiting our sister site, Practical Pain Management: https://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/... . This resource contains a wealth of professionally written and reviewed information on the field of pain.

Thanks again for your excellent post!