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Hip replacement with spinal instability failed fusion

Started by Gemstar on 06/24/2010 9:14am

I am in desperate need of hip replacement as I am to the point I can no longer stand walk or sleep without excruciating pain. I am no stranger to chronic pain as I have had spinal fusion with instrumentation. However the hardware needed to be removed due to failure. This left me with chronic pain & spinal instability due to non union at the L4 -S1 area, I also have a herniation of the L3 disk.
I believe I am not a good canidate for another spinal surgery & had continued with long term pain mgt.
However, with the severe degeneration of my right hip and the left not too far along I am not able to obtain relief & have run the gamut of options available to this point.
My biggest concern with the hip replacement surgery is the possibility of increased spinal damage as I have the instability In the Lumbar area. Also when the Doctor told me this he also said he had no idea how he would manage the post surgical pain during rehab due to the long term high dosages of Opiods I take for the chronic pain. I also have fibromyalgia and my pelvis is tilted making it more difficult to recover from the Hip replacement sugery.
I just know I cannot livethis way anylonger & honestly some days the pain is so bad I don't want to live!
I would appreciate any & all feedback. I've had the hip pain for over 10 years with the past 2 years gradually becoming intoloerable.

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