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Failed myleogram-too much bone to insert needle

Started by Tropical on 06/24/2010 3:14am

Anyone have this experience and if so, any advice? I have fusion at L4-5 and a spinal stimulator that is no longer effective. The CT scan with myleogram was intended to diagnose pain from under my left rib cage that extends around to my back. X-rays and the CT scan were performed, however, the injection for the contrast could not be done due to the spaces being too narrow for the injection to penetrate.

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Tropical have you had your stimulator reprogrammed and reprogrammed by a different rep? It seems that too many people give up on their stimulators without really giving it a good chance. Yes the stimulator can be a difficult life modification however it can also be a life saver. Company reps come with a myriad of different experiences in what can actually help a patient get the stimulation that their body requires. Just because one rep can't get the programming right, doesn't mean that your stimulator is a failure. How long was your stimulator effective for? How effective was it in the management of your pain?