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Multiple Conditions, Chronic Pain

Started by dbonnallen on 06/19/2010 3:51pm

I am a 57 year old female who has taken care of herself well. Due to two car wrecks and a rape inrevention beating (which rendered me comatose for a short period of time) I have full body pain. I have been through prolotherapy, physical therapy, psychological evaluations and had several pain management Drs' and medications. I have had caudel epidural blocks x's 3yrs, trigger point injections x's 3 , steroid injectins within 11yrs,round now. I recently (yesterday) had a lumbar block and w/out relief, today I awoke agin in tears w/a feeling of helplessnes but not w/out hope, I still have hope. As episodes' of full body pain attack me I want to scream, pound the walls down, I beg god to help me and I do not understand why my Insurance company will not pay for the medications which do work for me. I have had to settle for lower quality meds due to affordability issues. After 5 years of pain management MD's my family physician cared for me and it was marvelous for 7 years! I still had pain but it wasn't severe then the full body pain controlled me again and I was referred back to pain management. I have a wonderful Pain Specialist still I haven't had the time in two visits to explain everything to him. I was hoping to find an e-mail for him here and I did not perhaps he will read this. I know I need to talk w/someone because the pain is so severe in the AM , I cannot even get out of bed, I sleep in a hospital bed. I use cognitive therapy during these times as music is a love of mine I try to distract myself w/music along w/nature, I garden (a lot). Simple every day tasks' are big, hard, jobs for me and I care for a mentally disabled 40 yr old son. I have to cook, clean, do his laundry etc. I feel overwhelmed. Can anyone direct me as to an association of Chronic Pain Hotline number? Day after day after month after year in this painfilled hell has me wondering why when there are meds out there am I suffering so? My new Pain MD prescribed a med which works along w/a med my insurance does pay for but will not pay for the new med which does help when added to the regimin. I really need a number as I said for a chronic pain hotline number.

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Not sure if there is such a thing. But its worth calling the "American Chronic Pain Association" at 1-800-533-3231 and see if they can guide you.


Wow...that's a lot for anyone to deal with, even if they're healthy! My approach has always incorporated the body/mind as one unit. I think you're on the right track by including the Cognitive Therapy, music, nature, etc. I also think that you'll need to take your "inner game" much deeper if you want to see lasting results. Pain meds are fine for short term relief but their side effects are sometimes worse than the pain. You can learn more about your drugs at http://nsawellness.com/ and click on the link on the bottom called "Your One Stop For Everything Health".

You're gonna need help to take this deeper. Also commitment. And courage. There are many inexpensive and free resources that can get you started. I highly recommend two books by Dr. Donald Epstein to get you started on your journey. They are "The 12 Stages of Healing" and "Healing Myths, Healing Magic". They will help you create a perspective on your situation that I believe will not only help you eventually feel much better but will also change your life in many other ways.

Feel free to contact me if you'd like a referral in your area.

Be well.