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Posted in: Chronic pain, and Surgery.

persistent headaches following disectomy and fusion

Started by robinb3463 on 06/15/2010 8:52pm

I hope someone can help me with this problem. I had an anterior cervical disectomy and fusion of my C4 5, 5 6 four weeks ago. Since a week after I have been dealing with daily excruciating headaches anytime there is any kind of pressure on the back of my head. I also on occassion get a stabbing pain straight through the top of my head downward. These are not "just a headache." I used to get migraines as a teenager and these are worse! I presently wear a Philadelphia J collar but tomorrow am getting a Miami J hoping that this may help. The pain starts at the back of the head and works its way over the top and eventually to my eyes. I can stop the progression if I take a couple hydrocodone before it gets to far...however once it gets to the eyes nothing helps. Has anyone had this problem ? Did it continue after u no longer needed the collar. Because of the shooting pain through the top of the head I do not think it is all collar related if it is at all. I wake up with these headaches. I have my follow up appointment in a week and a half and am getting married 2 days later! These headaches are debilitating. Any advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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Hi Robin,
I had disc replacement ,same levels as you, about 4 years ago .
After about 2 years I developed similar symptoms as you .After countless doctor consultations,MRI XRAYS ,etc I finally had some nerve block treatment, C2 -C3, a few days ago and it seems to have helped.
You should consult with a pain management specialist and explore this venue.
Most importantly , lay off the hydrocodone meds.They will drill holes in your intestines and does nothing much for nerve pain.
Hope it helps